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Dollar Tree Craft- Mercury Glass Candle Holders


Did you see the title?  I am back with a Dollar Tree craft! I do have to say, Dollar Tree has been a little disappointing lately or maybe it is all about point of view but I have not been able to find anything in that store to give me some inspiration. I didn’t even shop there for the holidays this year either, just for a few stocking stuffers’ but nothing was standing out to me.

That is until a few days ago.

I found these guys in the craft aisle but you can order them online here.


Basic glass cylinder vases.
But I decided I wasn’t going to use them as vases.
I got out these bad boys:
Some water in a spray bottle and Looking Glass spray paint.
A few weeks ago I shared the recipe I found on Pinterest for creating mercury glass and I will share it again because it is genius.
 Pure genius.
 It will look just like those mercury glass items that cost way too much money at places like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.
This will only set you back 11 bucks for the paint.

I know, very pricey for spray paint but when you consider how much what you are creating would cost if you paid retail for it, 11 bucks is bargain basement.

Plus I got my can for free.
Sorry, don’t mean to brag.
Well, yes I kind of did.
But I didn’t get it because I blog or did an ad for them, I got it with Amazon points so it’s all good.
So you take your spray bottle of water (any spray bottle will do but it must be sprayed) and spray the surface of what you will be painting thoroughly. Then immediately spray the surface with the spray paint.
It will look something like this:
***really bad garage picture alert***
Do you see the little bubbles on the vase? It will look awful when you do this but you are doing it right, trust me.
I sprayed two coats for mine but if you wanted to achieve a shinier mercury glass, I would recommend two more coats.
And here they are all done:



I may eventually add more paint to this if I decide to be less of a cheapskate and buy another can.


Cost for me to make:
Four dollars for the vases!



14 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Craft- Mercury Glass Candle Holders”

  1. I found you via the Strut Your Stuff hop & am a new follower.These came out fantastic! I love crafts that look good and don't break the bank at the same time. Brookehttp://cupcakecucumber.blogspot.com


  2. So did you paint the outside of the vases? So many seem to do the insides and it just seems like that would be harder. I already have several of these DT vases left over from a wedding.


  3. @ Bonnie, you didnt have email attached so I hope you back and read this! Only painted the outside not the inside! 🙂 @ Bernadette- thanks so much for stopping by!


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