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Dollar Tree Craft- Making LOVE Out of Nothing at All

Air Supply gets me.
It’s like they knew I was going to make a craft and wrote a song about it.

Last summer I wrote a post about these cute little frames I found at Dollar Tree here.

I ended up using them on my summer mantel and got a lot of great comments on these guys.

After summer though, they ended up in my basement on my craft shelf.

So I was down there the other day perusing my stuff for the girls to make a project over winter break and found the coolest scrapbook paper for Valentine’s day:


I got this late summer for 50% off and put it aside because I thought I could make something great with it.
So I started with my frames, paper and then found these:
  Iron on letters! Wait, iron-on letters?
Yep, just you wait.
I cut out the paper to fit into the frames, like so:
Then take some of this:
Glue the iron-on letters to the paper:
Want to see how cheap creative I am?
I didn’t have an E left in this package so I used an F and a period.
Look at me being all crafty and junk!


Can you tell?
Lie to me if you can.
Here is the final product:
I totally love this so much more than the first project I did with these frames.


I do.



Cost breakdown:
– frames: one dollar each at Dollar Tree (but I already had these, so I won’t count them in my cost breakdown for myself)
– iron-on letters: $3.99 at Hobby Lobby two years ago. Plus they were 40 % off the day I bought them, so somewhere around $2.30 for me.
– scrapbook paper: again, Hobby Lobby for 47 cents but 50 % off that day, making it 23 cents for me.
– glue stick: 25 cents after back to school.
Total for you to make:

 Annie got a whoopee pie cookbook as one of her Christmas presents this year so the two of us tried our hand at whoopee pie making!
It was lots of fun! I love working side by side with my oldest daughter in the kitchen.
Here is the final product!


This was not a four-ingredient recipe. In fact, we had to make a purposeful trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients we didn’t have on hand, but I didn’t want to discourage her from trying this out so we got what we needed. And we will make these again too! So good and so much fun to make.
Together, of course.

18 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Craft- Making LOVE Out of Nothing at All”

  1. Amy, your comment actually made my FB page….love craft cemetery and that will be cited to you every time I use it!! 🙂 Thanks AE!


  2. I just love the dollar store but probably not as much as my kids do…LOL! Your framed letters are adorable! Thanks for sharing!~Tonia


  3. These are really cute. I love finding fun things at the dollar store! Thanks for linking up to the 14 Days of LOVE event!


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