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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Little Girlie Accent Piece



I was down in the basement the other day and found these items in my craft area:

Cute scrapbook paper!
An old favorite picture frame.
And a metal letter E I got at Hobby Lobby last year for 50 % off.


So I painted the letter E
Leafy Green from Rust-Oleum.
I cut the scrapbook paper to fit into the frame.

I took the glass from the frame and put it behind the paper so that there is no glass on the front of the frame but it gives the paper a hard backing because you will be putting the heavy E onto this space.

Then I did something a little unconventional because as is usually with Workin With What Ya Got fashion, I did not have any of my usual heavy-duty glue around. I also did not want to go out and buy anything for this project as the whole gist of this theme is to work with what you have lying around so this is what I did:
         I used a glue gun.
Yes, I know glue guns are great and all but for something like this I really should use heavy-duty glue.
 So far so good, it has held up and it is high on a dresser so it won’t hurt anyone if it does decide to fall.
***update… is still holding two weeks later!!!***
***Even more update….it’s still holding a year later!!!***
Here is the final product!!

2 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Little Girlie Accent Piece”

  1. This is so cute! Such a fun idea! Thanks so much for joining us on "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We loved having you and hope to see you back next Saturday with more of your ideas!! -The Sisters


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