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IKEA on a Budget

We have two IKEA’s here in Chicagoland. Both are a solid hour from my home, which is a fantastic thing.

Recently, I asked Rebecca if she would like to venture to IKEA in search of some fun stuff that we needed* for our homes.

*Does anyone really NEED an excuse to go to IKEA?

Here are some highlights of our trip:


So these are cool!
They hold accessories in your closet.
Think scarves, belts, ties.
And if I had an IKEA around the corner, I would go back and get this.
See why it is good I don’t have an IKEA around the corner?


Rebecca and I drooled over this farmhouse sink and those countertops.


Printed shades!
This picture is really bad, but in person, these were so very cool.


This would be what I would want my Golden Girl’s house to look like when I am 80.
Cool light fixtures that I have seen on Pinterest.
The price was only $24.99??
But upon further inspection…


It was two light fixtures put together, one of which was $24.99. The other was $19.99?


I love glass lamps.
Rebecca and I both got this one, she in the pale green, me in the plain glass.
$19.99 for the lamp and shade together!
That is a deal.


Ever been to the AS-IS section of IKEA??
Lots of cool stuff and some junk down there as well, but you have to look past some imperfections.
The above are cabinet doors that are maybe a little dented but would make perfect farmhouse signs!
Just take off the knobs, put in some wood filler, paint and add lettering.
This door is only five bucks and I wouldn’t even paint it.
I didn’t get this; I was focused on what I already had in my bag.


Some of what I got.
Do you see that cool black and white throw?
I saw it on the first floor we shopped on and carried it around like I had a million dollars in my hands.
See this outstanding serving bowl??
I love this for salads!


Besides my blanket, this is my favorite purchase.
I have seen this print in the IKEA catalog and this style is everywhere now so I was so giddy to swoop this thing up for $19.99 considering pillows of this size at Target and Kohls’ start at $24.99!


Here is my partner in crime and one of my Golden Girls.


 IKEA does not take checks, only cash and credit/debit. I came with cash to help me stay with my budget. Do not take a credit card to IKEA. You will end up with way more in your cart than you planned on.
 Try not to bring the kids to IKEA. They have a playland there and that’s nice, but it was so nice to just relax, take our time, listen to other people’s children scream.
If you don’t live close to an IKEA, do it without kids. It was WONDERFUL.
 Go early in the morning and mid-week if you can. I have been there on weekends before and it is so scary busy there, never again. Even if I needed that cool circle accessory hanger. My mom had her wallet stolen there on a busy Sunday years ago. If you can avoid weekends, do. If not, go early. They open at 10 at most locations.
If you have to eat at IKEA, get the Swedish meatballs and get their dessert. But know that there is no ambiance in the dining experience. It is cafeteria style and you will most likely be sitting by the escalators, watching carts of Billy bookcases and glass lamps going up and down next to you.
Either plan to buy those blue bags at the register if you have lots of purchases or bring a large man with you. Kind of like Aldi, Sam’s Club, and Costco, IKEA does not provide bags for your purchases AND you can’t bring your cart to the car. So either don’t spend a lot or get less bulky things unless you have Hulk Hogan with you.
Have fun!

5 thoughts on “IKEA on a Budget”

  1. Ok, so I just repinned that hula hoop idea for my daughter's room. MY FIRST OFFICIAL PIN! I am a Pinterest virgin no longer. All thanks to you. I'm sure you feel honored, right?IKEA is evil. I hate the meandering arrow line. Like I couldn't figure out how to make impulse purchases without their obvious attempts to confuse and bewilder me? Pshaw.


  2. Now I don't want any hate mail about giving you your first pin. Like I said in the email, its very similar to giving someone their first ciggy….proceed with caution. 😉


  3. Ah, Ikealand {it seems like these stores should have their own zip codes}. I only wish I could have been with you two! Thanks so much for linking up on Fabulous Friday.Warmly, Michelle


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