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Dollar Tree Saves The Day- Creating a Cool Girls Spa Birthday Basket

Even if you have just one child, you know how (especially in the younger years) your children are getting invitations to many birthday parties.
I say especially in the younger years because as they age; they become a little more discerning as to whose parties they want to attend.
For example: when they head off to preschool for the first time, it will inundate them with birthday invites, and will indeed want to go to every and all parties because preschoolers love to party.
They do.
But by fourth grade, they become a little pickier.
This is a good thing because, by that point, you will be broke.
That is, unless you go to my birthday present hook up.
Dollar Tree.
Or Dolla Make Me Wanna Holla Tree.
It should totally be renamed that, by the way.
I should state that I don’t go here for family or close friend’s birthday presents, as these are more special and require more time and effort.
But for those in between, she only talks to this kid in math class, she may never see this person once she starts middle school birthdays?
Dollar Tree is my best friend.

I came up with this idea with my oldest daughter while in the car driving to soccer a few weeks ago.
One of her friends’ birthday parties was coming up, and she wanted to get her something cool.
But she really didn’t know what she liked.
As they get older, you realize how an uncool gift can cause repercussions.
Especially with girls.

Because of DRAMA.

So after some brainstorming, here is what we came up with:


The girl we got this for is like most tween’s, she loves to play with makeup, do her nails.
We aren’t yet wearing it to school but it is fun for them to experiment at this stage so gifts like these are perfect!
A few years ago, I made up another Dollar Tree creation for one of her friends with just hair care products.
It included hair gel, hairspray, clips, ribbons, hair bands, a brush, tangle spray, and I put it in a large makeup bag that I found there.
A few weeks later, the mom called me and told me it was the best gift she had received!
That had made me so happy for many reasons, but mostly because I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to create a really unforgettable gift.
 I had only spent ten dollars on it, and that included the card and gift wrap!

For this gift, we got her fake nails.
These will be the bane of your existence if you have little girls. I step on a fake nail at least once a week or more. The dog will end up with fake nails in his mouth. Your husband will end up with one on his polo shirt.
But this wasn’t going to our house, so fake nails it is!
We also got her makeup brushes, eye makeup, lip gloss, two nail colors, topcoat, shower scrunchies (which came in a pack of four for one dollar!), nail polish remover, a card, and the cute plastic basket too which acts as the gift wrap!


$11 for the whole thing!!
We put everything into the basket, stuck on the ribbon, signed the card, and boom just like that you have an outstanding gift!
And really, where can you find a cool gift for $11 dollars these days?
$11 will get you the following at:
Old Navy- A top OR a pair of leggings. But not both.
Kohl’s – An $11 gift card, but you will still have to buy the greeting card to put it in.
Sephora- A sample of perfume. That will last for two days.
Justice- $11 will get you nothing at Justice.
I hope I have saved some of you parents out there, some sanity.
Save the money you would have used spending big bucks to impress your daughter’s friends and use it to take her out to lunch just the two of you.

For more Dollar Tree ideas, head over here!

9 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Saves The Day- Creating a Cool Girls Spa Birthday Basket”

  1. "Justice- $ 11 will get you nothing." Word! That made me laugh. Those tween girls do love Justice, but the prices set my hair on fire. Love your gift basket idea.


  2. Nice!I love the dollar store. You really can find some fun things there. I know the one near my house was even selling DVDs for a buck. I got one to use as a prize for a holiday party my friend and I through. -Lauren


  3. I have a 13 year old daughter…I can attest to everything you shared here! And I'm with ya, WHY?? the drama.. and it starts so early. Great gift ideas!! I will be copying for sure.Now following on TwitterSharon @ mrs. hines class


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