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Challenge- Can I Clean Three Bathrooms In Less Than 30 Minutes?

When Anna was a baby, I used to clean houses to get some extra money for quite a few years. At one point, I had four houses I would clean on the weekends. So put that together with the fact that I am a complete germaphobe and a neat freak means I am an expert in these parts about cleaning. But there is definitely one room that in my experience is the worst and most-dreaded room to clean the bathroom.

No one likes to clean this room because it’s the worst room in the house. So I have a challenge for you. Can you clean your bathroom in ten minutes or fewer right now?

How long does it take you?

I will bet money that if it took you less time, it would make the job less dreaded and give you time to focus on what’s more important….catching up on your DVR viewing….no no no.….spending time with your family.

So here is a painless tutorial on how you can clean AND sanitize your baths in ten minutes per room.

First of all, you need to have your supplies within easy reach. This means that if you have two levels of living, you need to have cleaning supplies on both floors, not just one.

The initial investment will cost a little money to start, but it is worth it in the long run.

Above is my upstairs cleaning supply basket.
Just a Rubbermaid container with the following items:
I use both name brand, generic, and homemade cleaning supplies. So any variation is just fine. 
Disinfectant spray (think Lysol)
Glass cleaner
Toilet bowl cleaner
Multipurpose cleaning solution (think Pine-Sol)
Shower cleaner
Rubbing alcohol
I keep this in my upstairs on the top shelf of our linen closet.
I do not want to hear whining about how this will take up space.
I have the smallest linen closet known to man, and I make room for it on the top shelf.
Then on the floor of my linen closet, I have this:
My toilet bowl brush
A basket of rags for cleaning
Ignore the grocery bags. I don’t use those anymore since we changed garbage can sizes, but if you have a small garbage can, you could do this. 
Now that you have all your supplies ready to go, let’s get started.
 First, fill your bathroom sinks with water and a little of the cleaning solution (think Pine-Sol).


This will act as your “bucket”.
Place your rag into the sink and start cleaning the counter surfaces first.
Time total- 1 minute
Then after cleaning the counter, sink, faucet, walls around the counter, and cupboards, move to the floors wringing out your rag as needed.
Time total- 1-3 minutes depending on the size of your bathroom.
Then head on over to the toilet.
Clean the top of the tank first, then the seats, etc..
After you do this, get the toilet bowl cleaner and add it to the inside of the toilet.
Take your brush and clean the potty.
Tip– turn your head away from the toilet as you are cleaning it with the brush to avoid splashing in your face.
I’m speaking from experience.
Then let the brush drip dry in the potty as you go wash your hands.
Time total- 1 minute
Now it’s time to work on your shower.
Time to work on glass and mirrors.
Then you will want to get out your fresh towels:
Hang the fresh towels up.
Next, we will work on the garbage.
Again, I don’t use this method anymore but here is a timesaving tip:
Keep the grocery bags at the bottom of the can.


Take out the fresh bag and you’re done.
Time total- 1 minute
Now rinse off your shower.

That will take all of the thirty seconds.

So go get some of this stuff because I know you have it sitting around somewhere.
Get a piece of toilet paper and a Q-Tip.
Put a little of the rubbing alcohol onto the toilet paper and rub your stainless steel with it.
It will make it shine like no other.
Then take the q-tip and get under that faucet:
****Gross Out Alert****
This is what your Q-Tip will look like after you do this:
And I do this every single week, so imagine how bad it gets if it never gets cleaned?


Time total- 1 minute
I don’t do this every week but every once in a while I put the girls’ brushes in the sink with some baby soap.


Time total- 30 seconds
Well, look at that.
A sparkling clean bath in less than 10 minutes!

On this day, I did the master bath, the girl’s bath, and the downstairs bath in less than 30 minutes.

Such a show-off.

Extra tips:
-When cleaning your bathroom, make sure you always keep your shower curtain stretched out so your liner won’t get full of mildew and Lysol it after using the shower if you can remember. I never remember, only when I clean it so no worries but I never leave the curtain bunched up so that my liner lasts longer and gets less smelly and moldy.
-This is the best time to wash your bathroom rugs. You are already cleaning the bathroom so why not wash the bathroom rugs on the same day?
-I also use rubbing alcohol on the baseboards of the bathroom and that only takes 30 seconds to do.
-If you have the stomach flu or norovirus going around your home, use nothing other than bleach or bleach related cleaning products if you want to keep it from spreading. I read in Good Housekeeping magazine a few months ago that Clorox wipes will not kill the norovirus but bleach or a cleaner with more bleach than any other ingredient will.

-And last, always bleach your bathroom cleaning rags in the laundry to prevent the spread of bacteria.


I feel so dirty now.

6 thoughts on “Challenge- Can I Clean Three Bathrooms In Less Than 30 Minutes?”

  1. Love. Love. Love.I hate to clean the bathrooms. So your tips I appreciate SO much. Will be implementing today! Especially love the soaking of the girls' hairbrushes. GREAT idea. Never thought to do that at the same time I was cleaning the bathroom.


  2. Thanks so much Camilla! It means a lot to me when you share your sweet comments and I am so happy I could share some new tips with you!


  3. Wow! You make it sound almost tolerable!I got a tip this week that I haven't tried but I thought I'd share with you. I get a lot of dust on my toilet from the toilet paper! I swear, I don't remember this from my childhood. Anyway, if you rub a used dryer sheet over the toilet surfaces (that is after it is clean) the dust is not supposed to accumulate.Let me know if it works!April


  4. I have heard of that tip but I have never tried it….I will now. In fact, I am cleaning bathrooms today! Thanks so much for visiting!


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