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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Decking The Halls For Spring

I was going to wait until March 1st to pull out my spring decor but I hate winter and I wanted to look at something other than mud, snow and limp flowers from Valentine’s Day.

So I pulled out my spring crap and here is what I came up with. I had this burlap laying around from my Christmas tablescape:


I love burlap and it is all the rage right now.
But I feel like I would still love it even if it weren’t all the rage right now.
So I cut it into a long strip.
No even cuts, I wanted it to look uneven and rustic.
You know, like burlap.


The below picture shows me plopping a faux spring plant I got at Target three years ago into my free galvanized bucket.
The plant is sitting on a bed of  “grass”.
It’s fake grass that I got at Goodwill last summer for 50 cents!
The eggs I have had for years, not even sure where I got them.


The tray I have had for over a year.
I got that at Goodwill too.
I first introduced you to this tray in the post here.


There is the burlap on my bucket!
I just tied it around the bucket and trimmed off any long edges.



I then wanted to create something with the tray that held my mercury glass candle holders after the holidays:
It used to be a rusted orange colored number.
Then last summer I spray painted it a teal/turquoise color.
Then I painted it white for the holidays.
I swear I do other things in my day to day life than just spray painting shit.
I didn’t want the spring-colored flowers I was going to be putting on here to be washed out by the white tray.
I also didn’t want to go the vibrant color route again with this puppy.
So I painted it black.


 I added these:
Hello, spring!


I love these colors alongside the metal buckets and the black tray.


And after!
I love them so much.
It does make the room a little darker but it is so much more pretty.
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12 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Decking The Halls For Spring”

  1. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Spring…I'm with you…I started taking down winter sticks and bringing out what I have..but it's not much. I've got to find some fake flowers. Love the way your colorful flowers look against the newly painted black tray. I also love the purple of your other arrangement.Happy to be a new Linky Follower!Sharon @ mrs. hines class


  2. For my table, I filled 4 pint-sized canning jars with cuttings from my bushes (they needed to be pruned anyway, so I just cut off the top!) I lined them up down the table, and then in the middle I placed a fishbowl with budding branches from my apricot tree.I think the bush trimmings will last a while, so long as I replace the water.I am going to change out the budding branches for daffodils real soon, when the daffodils are ready in the garden (they're just starting to open, and I have 300 bulbs, so there will be a lot!)


  3. Love these ideas! I'm your newest linky follower via the House of Hepworth's link party. 🙂 ~ Megan


  4. Love your blog. I am your newest follower. I got that same lamp shade for the same price. I LOVE when Target does their crazy clearance.


  5. Thanks for all of the sweet comments and thank you so much to any and all of you who became new followers! That means so much to me!


  6. I love this!! So pretty and Springy (my favorite time of year!!). I'll be featuring you today! 🙂


  7. Looks amazing! love how fresh spring decor is!! I too am trying to use what I have, but might have to venture out to the TARGET for those shades!! Incredible! Would love for you to share at our Uncommonly Yours Link party! Bonnie ;)


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