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Basement Re-Do on a Minor Budget

I needed to be busy. That’s what started this little endeavor.

My oldest is going to California with her dad and grandparents for a family wedding in a few days and it is the first time she has ever flown without me. 

She will be gone for five days straight which is hard for me because I really like being around her.

So I wanted to be busy to keep the time going, which is coming true tenfold because all of a sudden the week is filling up.

Because I am attempting to paint my entire basement and re-do the whole thing while she is gone.

On a budget of $150.00.

That price includes paint.

For an entire basement.

Oh and some beadboard and wall treatments…..did I mention that too?


Oh, so it includes that too.

Oh, and did I mention that       I      haven’t       even             started                painting                 yet?

Here, let me show you what our basement looks like now.


Yes, friends.
I here at A Grace Full Life have a dirty secret.
It’s called my basement.





Yes, I am aware that dramatic isn’t spelled dramatci.

That’s the Greek spelling. Duh.

 So wish me luck on this little side project.
I will post the after pictures once I get all the paint out of my hair.
And off my skin.
And out of the carpets.
Which may be next year.

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