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Boo Hoo Edition Plus Basement Re-Do Update

My oldest daughter is getting on a plane in 30 minutes and I am not with her.
I knew it would be difficult but I didn’t realize it would be this difficult.
I am the kind of mom who actually misses her kids when they are away.
Sure. sure I do like the break from them like any sane person would but within an hour or two of them being away from me, I start to miss them.
My husband laughs at me when I say “I missed you so much” to either child after only being away from them for a few hours.
Probably because he hears me complain all the time about needing a break from them.
Then when I get the break, I end up missing them anyway.
A whole lot.
So anyway, that is what is going on in my world right now.
A whole lotta missin’ going on.
But I do have some fun to look forward to tonight. The basement re-do I mentioned here is starting in a few hours! I am having a little painting party with my dear friend Rebecca tonight. I should really mention that I didn’t even have to ask her for her help. She just volunteered. I personally think that in itself is a God story because I believe that he knew I needed some serious support tonight since Mike works late. So anyway, she is coming tonight and there might be a little wine and lots of snacks involved. Read: don’t look too closely at the paint job when I show you the pictures.


And thank God for a good friend because I do not think I would be able to get through tonight without her. Otherwise, it would be me, Ben and Jerry sharing the couch tonight with the new Twilight movie On Demand all alone sobbing my silly little eyes out if not for her.
Not that that is a bad thing…..
Stay tuned for the before, during and after pictures of the re-do!

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