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Basement Re-Do On A Budget Progress Report + Some Random Thoughts

Why hello my lovely friends! How is your Friday going so far?
First of all, Annie is safe and sound in California now.
The idea of your child hurdling through the air in a metal canister all the way across the country is enough to put even the most level-headed person into a massive tizzy.

So I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Until Monday when she flies home. 

So the much anticipated (at least on my end of the spectrum) event of the week happened last night!
The basement painting party…..wee!!
The painting party was so much fun and I totally recommend it to anyone.
Especially anyone who dreads painting as much as I do.
It turned my dreaded project into such a fun night and as not expected (because I don’t have any spatial ability to save my life), we will need to get another two gallons to finish it up tonight.

My husband and I have a hot date tonight with a paintbrush, paint can and some great 80’s and 90’s jams.
Neither am I.






So as you can see, it is a work in progress.
We got most of the basement done but still have the iwannajumpoffabridge brown walls in the stairwell to do as well as some touch-up and a possible second coat on some areas.
Stay tuned for the follow-up.

Which leads me to my next topic:
I am officially a texter.
Yes, I have text fever baby!
For years my friends have been telling me how I need to get text.
That it is so amazing and convenient and how we would talk so much more.
I thought..umm okay, don’t we talk a lot as it is?
Umm no.
Texting is amazing!!
I think I have chatted with Rebecca more this week than I have in the 18 years we have been friends.
I am able to see my friend Melissa’s house and projects all the way from California.
And now it feels like she never moved away.
I am able to keep track of my child while she in California and feel like she never left.
I can tell my dad to have a good day at work when I get up at the crack of dawn.
I can talk to my husband at work if I have a question that is random:
Did you know that Duran Duran will be at Ravinia this summer?
Do you want to see Steve Martin?
When did you become such a big banjo fan??
Do you see what I mean???

I know they say technology takes us away from each other and to a point, that is completely true.

But since I have had texting, I feel more in touch with my loved ones than ever before.
Like getting a big hug from afar, instantly.
Alright, off to text Rebecca.
I have to ask her what she is making for dinner.
Just because I can.

1 thought on “Basement Re-Do On A Budget Progress Report + Some Random Thoughts”

  1. Okay …. I think it is HILARIOUS that you JUST started TEXTING??? What the …??? Have you been living under a rock, girlfriend!? … Even my MOM has been texting for a few years now, and she is the most technologically-challenged person I know! But WELCOME to the wonderful world of texting!!! My hubs always give me a bad time when I text …"Why don't you just CALL — it'd be a lot faster!???" But in reality …. it would not. Because if I call someone, that is a GUARANTEED 45 minute conversation. (Have I mentioned I LOVE to talk!? :)~Great job on the painting!!! Can't wait to see it all done!~ Bec


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