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Dollar Tree Storage Solution- How To Tame My Daughter’s Nail Problem

I should first address the fact that my oldest daughter doesn’t have a “nail problem” in that she has a fungus that has not been identified as of yet. No, her “nail problem” is that she doesn’t know when to say WHEN as it pertains to the ownership of nail products.

I really don’t know when it started but I can say with 100% certainty that she will either become a manicurist at some point in her life or she will have lots of friends with great finger and toenail paint jobs. I took her to get her first salon pedicure a few weeks ago and after we left, I looked down at my nails then looked at her and said, “you do it better“.

So, I didn’t take the important before picture for this post. I almost went back and re-created the mess that led me to this post just so I could show you my “before”. Almost. I have integrity but I also am a little lazy too; probably why I didn’t hit a million page views in my first year of blogging.

Annie and I were getting ready for her 12th birthday sleepover party last week and that always includes going to Dollar Tree. You don’t go there before parties? Seriously, you need to go. For…..paper plates, table covers, napkins, plastic utensils, candy, treat bags, thank you cards, treats for the treat bags, Advil for the parents……so many great things for parties.

We also were doing a spa-themed party this year too…..I really love having girls … we got some essentials. Nail polishes in different fun colors, nail polish remover, lotions, scrubs, and some plastic bins so that they could do a spa pedicure. Did I mention how much I love having girls?

So after the party, I had these cute colorful bins laying around and had no idea what to do with them. Whenever you need storage bins or baskets you can’t find any to save your life but when you have no use for them you can’t pay your family to find a home for them.

Since I took no before pictures, this is turning out to be a pretty boring post for you, isn’t it?
Here is what I did with them:





You have no idea how much more organized this is compared to the way it used to be.
It was taking up most of our master bedroom closet and seeping into our bedroom.
Of course, if I had taken a before picture, you would have some idea of how much better this is for me.

For more Dollar Tree projects, head over here!

1 thought on “Dollar Tree Storage Solution- How To Tame My Daughter’s Nail Problem”

  1. Sounds like maybe you need to be makin lotsa chalk boards……since you have the chalk to decorate them…for a looong time.Im your newest follower. Please come visit me and maybe follow back at THANKS.


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