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My Soul Mate Must Have Dropped Off Their Junk at my Goodwill


So it’s no secret that I have the worst luck at Goodwill, thrift stores in general and stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and the like.  I see these great finds on other blogs and wonder why the heck my Goodwill or Craigslist never have cool dressers, lamps, etc.. I started thinking that maybe no one in my area has any taste or they have too much taste which is why there is never anything good in my local stores to snag. Hence the reason I don’t do the Goodwill posts as much anymore. That is until this week!

I popped over for just one thing and I ended up with a lot more than one thing.  Here is what I got:


My ugly garage never ceases to amaze.
So this lamp isn’t really half bad as is but too much brown/tan.
And the shade looks like burlap.
Only $3.99 for both the lamp and the shade!
See the “after” here.


This table intrigues me.
It had me at hello.
There were two of these puppies together but I only wanted one.
Because I wasn’t quite sure what I would even do with that one.
But the wheels?
And the tabletop itself is kinda cool too.
It’s very industrial very Restoration Hardware.
And only $12.99.
See what I did with it here.


I have been in love with globes ever since I saw Melissa over at 320 Sycamore decorate her kitchen with them.
Then I was at the flea market last summer and saw that globes were going for over 20 bucks!
This one?
By the way, I know it is upside down. It is on a rotating axis.
You know.
Like the Earth.
I will be posting the changes to that table and lamp in the upcoming weeks.
Happy Thursday into Friday friends!

3 thoughts on “My Soul Mate Must Have Dropped Off Their Junk at my Goodwill”

  1. Great finds! I love the table … I agree, it's very Restoration Hardware. Love that industrial look. And the globe is great … I always look for globes and never find them.


  2. Hi! Thank you for your kind comments about my Easter story and I sure wish I lived near you and your Goodwill. I would have fought you for that globe. Love the curtain transformation– I think you're a wizard of a designer.


  3. I know, I totally would have thrown down for that globe! 😉 Thank you so much for your kind comments….it means so much to me and keep writing those great stories!!


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