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Goodwill Lamp Makeover

Hey friends! How was your weekend?
Ours was good, nothing too exciting.
We did our taxes and found out we are getting a great refund!
Then I found out we owed our state the exact same amount.
Our dishwasher started making motorcycle sounds on Saturday night.
The weather guy said it was gonna be 75 degrees yesterday and it was 45 and cloudy.
And as much as I love my kids, I am spring broken out.
But then we went to our old church yesterday and it was the perfect ending to our week.
We were openly welcomed, given so many hugs and kisses and even mentioned in the morning announcements.
I am also happy to say that Rebecca and I are in week two of our 5k training!
And I am not sore anymore nor am I out of breath anymore!

My friend Melissa introduced me (well, not literally, virtually) to Thrifty Decor Chick back in 2010.

We were walking off our baby toddler pounds one spring day and I mentioned starting a blog then she told me about Sarah and her blog, so I checked it out.
I immediately fell in like.
Then eventually in love.
She was like a mentor to me even though she doesn’t know who in the hell I am.
I hope my blog can be that to someone else someday.
I hope I still have a blog someday.
The thing is, her projects are always spot on.
Who has this kind of luck?
Not me that’s for sure.
Plus she always has the best thrifting luck.
If I tried to order something on Craigslist?
It wouldn’t be pretty.
And I am afraid of Craigslist because of murderers.



She is my inspiration and when I found the following lamp at Goodwill the other week, well I might have squealed.
It was perfect.
And the shade?
Really, who in the heck gave this away?
‘Because I wanna give you a big wet kiss!


The beauty is that I didn’t even have to run out to buy spray paint because I already had the color!
At first, I wanted to paint it turquoise but after thinking it through, I knew it wouldn’t go with anything in the house.
So I stayed neutral and decided on Heirloom White by Rust O Leum, which I already had in the garage.
Besides black and white, the two colors of spray paint that I would recommend you always keep on hand are Heirloom White and Espresso Brown.
You can use those two colors on almost anything.


Look at the cool snowflake pattern I created on my lamp!!
No, this is not a pattern.
This is a mistake.
This happens to even the most experienced spray painters.
It was coat number three or four and all was going fine.
When this happened.
No worries.
I waited for it to dry and then took some sandpaper and sanded it a bit to get this off and then I spray painted over it.

And here is the after:


Goodwill Lamp

I have never nailed down the trick of not painting the cord.


Goodwill Lamp

I have even taped the cord with painters tape and still manage to get paint on the cord.

Goodwill Lamp

It’s a wonder how I even have a home improvement blog, isn’t it?

It’s an even bigger wonder that you all keep coming back.


Goodwill Lamp

I cannot stop taking pictures of this thing.


Goodwill Lamp Burlap Shade

I literally walk into this room every hour or so just to look at the lamp.

Goodwill Lamp

I love it so much more now and to think I only spent $3.99 on this baby.

Goodwill Lamp

9 thoughts on “Goodwill Lamp Makeover”

  1. You did a great job!!! The lamp is beautiful AND you got a good deal on it! Doesn't get anynbetter than that! 🙂


  2. That is for sure Laurie-Anne! Its such a good feeling to know you could make something you love with little money! Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  3. I've been a TDC fan for a long time–Sarah is so just wonderful, isn't she? Your lamp looks great! Isn't it AMAZING what spray paint can do? It's my all-time favorite tool. Great job!


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