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Memorial Day Tablescape That Won’t Cut Into Your Beer Budget

So I forgot that this Monday was Memorial Day and then decided that I was just going to wait until the 4th of July to share this but I always have this fear that Blogger will suddenly disappear in the night and there will go all my posts.
There used to be a day when in my Blogger Dashboard there were four or five posts just waiting to be published but not anymore. I am lucky if I can come up with an original thought once a month.
So here is my lazy, do really nothing, work with what ya got, cost no money tablescape just in time for the holiday weekend.
I must warn you, I just got new glasses and my eyes still aren’t used to them.
This morning, I walked into the wall three times.
Yes, three.
Kind of makes me wonder how I got along before these new amazing glasses.
So be warned that my pictures may look a little different from normal because I was under the influence of a powerful drug of the bifocals kind.
Simple, easy and took me two minutes to create.


I bet you have something in your attic, basement, dungeon, craft room that you could pull together without having to resort to the Target dollar spot or Dollar Tree.
Not that there is anything wrong with that but wouldn’t it be nice to save some money where you can?
Spend it on burgers and brats and not on your centerpiece?
Or margaritas?
Yes, margaritas…..much better.


Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Tablescape That Won’t Cut Into Your Beer Budget”

  1. Hi lovely lady.Your Centerpiece for you Memorial Day on your table is Beautiful!! I hope you and your family have wonderful day for this Holiday coming up. I hope you will come over and follow me and I will follow you back..Just put a comment on telling me you now follow me.XXOO Diane


  2. So fun & festive. And you did a great job on your pictures as well! And I know what you mean about coming up with new things to blog about! A-MEN! Thanks so much for linking up to my par-tay.Warmly, Michelle


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