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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Geraniums In A Basket. Is that Anything Like Pigs in a Blanket?

Hi all!
How was your weekend?
We just got back from Cedar Point in Ohio where we met my brother, sister in law and sweet nephew for the weekend.
It was heaven.
Well, it was also 92 degrees so it felt a little down south too but it was so much fun to visit, see the kids play and enjoy each other and for the first time ever, my little nephew actually remembered us when we reconnected!
This may mean nothing to some of you but when you live 8 hours away and they are so young, it is very hard.
But he did and it meant so much to our hearts.
We also stopped in Indiana Amish Country on the way home.
Such a fun weekend and did not want it to end.
I am still there in my heart today listening to the waves of Lake Erie and the clippety clops of the horses’ hooves on the pavement in Shipshewana.
When we got home late last evening, we had this for dinner:
Trail bologna, Guggisberg cheese, and three bean salad.
This was the best. dinner. ever.
So today’s post is a little short and sweet.
I have been a little busy lately so not too much time to run on and on like I do normally.
Which might be a welcome break for all of you.
So consider it my summer vacation present to you!
So this post pretty much wrote itself.
I had the metal basket that I got last year at the flea market and the faux geraniums I have had for years.
The galvanized buckets were a donation to my family from the neighbor across the street.
Put them all together and I think it looks pretty cool.
Like farmhouse summer chic.
Or greenhouse summer chic.
I may even head over to Home Depot and buy the real thing when their flowers go on sale.




Happy Summer!

8 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Geraniums In A Basket. Is that Anything Like Pigs in a Blanket?”

  1. Love that basket! And how awesome it looks with those buckets of flowers in it. That's my kind of centerpiece!Glad you had a good time on your trip–but it's hard to come back to "real life," isn't it?Take care!


  2. Hi Kari, I saw you on the More From Blogher thing on my sidebar and stopped over to take a peek at the geraniums. Seeing your trail bologna makes me want to run out and buy some. Love that stuff!


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