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Two Years & I Am Still Kickin’ It!

I totally forgot today was my blogging-a-versary until I was scanning through some old blog stuff and saw the date. Every year it sneaks up on me because it’s not like a birthday or regular anniversary and I don’t have it on the calendar either.
So here is a look back at some of my favorite moments of this blogging year.
By the way, I am not hosting a giveaway in honor of my blogaversary like most bloggers do.
I am way too lazy and much too cheap, and I have no connections other than to get you a good price on a fine automobile.
If you are looking for that, email me and I can hook you up in honor of my “blogaversary”.

I was going to show you my favorite projects from the past year, but then as I composed it; it started sounding like a mix between a résumé and an ad for a cool craft store.
So here is what happened this year on the blog and in my life in a brief bullet-point list.
Without the actual bullet points.

I finger painted a mirror and made kindergartners all over America jealous.

I took a piece of artwork from the Brady Bunch house and turned it into something you might find at Restoration Hardware.
In the back room.
On deep discount clearance.

I got galvanized plant tins free from my neighbor and added Wal Mart stickers to them.
I put it on Pinterest, and it got lots of hits.
Until they all realized that I actually did nothing but slap stickers on a tin can.

I figured out how to enlarge the pictures on my blog so you don’t have to squint in order to see them.
That took me all of a year and two months to figure out. Normal person = would have taken two days of blogging to figure out. The realization that I will never make millions of blogging becomes clearer and clearer.

I wrote some lyrics from a Rascal Flatts song on a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint, and it becomes the focal point of our family room. Replaces jelly stains on a couch as the focal point.

I took you all along with us as our little family cheaped our way to Wisconsin Dells last summer.
You were also there for the car sickness that ensued, and you aren’t the same for it.

I took an Ikea kiddie table and made it look less Ikea-ish and more kiddish.
It is now sitting in my kids’ toy room with marker stains all over it.

I created several craptastic items from Goodwill and Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree corporate office contacted me and asked me to keep a permalink on my blog on their website but won’t pay me a dime. I no longer feature as many Dollar Tree items anymore. And will refer to them as Dollar General in the future.

My friend and business partner, Melissa, or Lissma as we knew her around here moved to Cali. In the dead of winter. My heart tore just a little and I miss her daily.

BlogHer contacted me in February and asked to be a part of their affiliate program.
Squeals ensued. And maybe a little dancing. In my pajamas. In the driveway.

I made curtains that ended up being featured on another blog, Learned life lessons: never trust a blogger who is also a professional designer. What Target is for?

I redid my basement on a budget. “I” meaning Rebecca, my husband, and myself. It took two weeks, a lot of paint, and more money than I thought. “I” did an outstanding job. “I” will also never be coming to my home with the lure of food and wine.

I started painting furniture this year.
I also started binge drinking this year.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey for yet another year.
It feels like I just started doing this.
No, it doesn’t.
It feels like I have done this for two years.

2 thoughts on “Two Years & I Am Still Kickin’ It!”

  1. Hooray! for your bloggingaversary! Very exciting, and, even though I've only been following you for about a month now…I've started to look through the archives! 🙂


  2. Aww thanks so much Lizzy! I love reading your blog posts as well and can't wait to share your blogaversaries with you!


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