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Why I Hate Bruce Jenner

Happy Monday, friends!
How was your weekend?

I am doing good, getting better with the blues of my parents moving away. One day at a time is my motto these days and that seems to help. Thank you so much to those who left such sweet comments on here, on my Facebook fan page as well as through email and text. I love you all.

We had a great weekend with lots of busy activities.

We had a picnic, went garage sale-ing, played some soccer, went to the park, had some ice cream at an old haunt and had our old friend Chris and his little family over for a bbq last night. So much fun to see them and to meet their adorable daughter.

Ooh, and I got this awesome find at my friend Keri’s garage sale on Friday:


I have wanted a kitchen scale for months.
I have seen them at flea markets and such but none for lower than 30 bucks.
This puppy?
5 dollars!
And the money went to a friend so it makes it even sweeter

Growing up, I had three Olympic idols :

– Dorothy Hamill ( I even got her famous haircut when I was in first grade)

– Nadia Comaneci ( I had my mom buy the album with her song on it and tried to do flips in my bedroom to the music. Hit my head on my canopy bed rail and there went my gymnastics career.)

and Bruce Jenner. (He looked really good in a pair of shorts.)


So since March, as many of you know, I’ve been running.
Well, jogging with the hopes of it someday becoming running.
It’s really comical on paper but in life, notsomuch.

Here is the rundown:

(you might want to get a snack, this is gonna be a long one)

At the end of March, I decided that I wanted to start running to help me maintain my weight but also try to push myself.

Walking doesn’t really cut it for me, I needed a quicker way to exercise as my time is limited.
Plus I hate the gym and I am not motivated enough to do exercise tapes at home.
I tried that and I almost strangled Leslie Sansone through the television.

So I researched the Couch to 5k method.

Basically going from a couch potato to a marathon runner in 9 weeks.

Nothing is ever that easy in my experience.

Then I went to my doctor because I’d been diagnosed as a teen with exercise-induced asthma and had a knee condition known as Osgood Schlatter’s disease since 8th grade. So I wanted to make sure I could even run in the first place.

Because of the two above diagnoses, I was almost terrified to ever run…..even for my life.

The doctor gave me the go ahead and off I went.
I should first state that I started running with my friends Rebecca and Christine.
This will become important to the story I am trying to tell as you will soon see.


During week one I felt really good about it because, in the beginning,  you are only running for 1 minute, walking for 1 minute and so on for a total of 20 minutes. But still, for someone who never ran, it was quite exciting to be running at all.

First obstacle blisters. Badass blisters. I did everything from putting blister wax on them to packing them with bandages so thick you would have thought I had just had heel surgery. Then after about a week and a half, my feet stopped hating my new running shoes and I thought, YES! the first hurdle accomplished! Look at me running like Bruce Jenner!!

Or Betty White.
More like Betty White than Bruce Jenner.

Then somewhere between week one and two, my knee started hurting. Really bad. Like my knee cap had fallen off.

Off to the doctor again.

Diagnosis- bursitis.

I got some anti-inflammatory drugs and was told to ice after I run then do these special knee exercises before I run. They told me that I am “training my knees” now and that if they don’t get better after a few weeks, to stop running altogether.

But I was told, I could still run in the process of finding out if I can run or not.

Are you keeping up so far?

I took the anti-inflammatory drugs for a week, got the worst migraine of my life and couldn’t take my typical Advil/migraine meds mix because of said anti-inflammatory.
So I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory.

But my knee got better with the mix of running, exercises and icing them before and after.

In the midst of this, Christine and I had a fight.
And I blame running.
Running and friendship don’t mix.
It makes you angry, hungry and hormonal.
If you plan to run with a friend, rethink it altogether.
Run with an enemy.
My neighbor Vicki recently asked to run with me and I leveled with her:

I really like you and so I am going to just say no.

So I kept on going heading into week five without Christine but still with Rebecca. That is when my chest started hurting. First thought? I am having a heart attack/stroke.

I went to the doctor yet again.
By the way, I usually go to the doctor probably three times a year.

So to set you straight, this is my third doctor visit in five weeks.

I know.

They listened to my heart, my chest, gave me a breathalyzer test of some sort.


My exercise induced asthma is baaaaaaaackkkk.


They gave me an inhaler, told me that I can’t run when it is really hot or really cold and that since at this point we were in the middle of spring allergy season, that I should run really early in the morning.

But I could still run.


How many signs was God gonna give me to tell me to stop running??
Even Christine said,”it’s like the Universe is telling you something“.
Yes, yes it was.

But I was still running with Rebecca and I was feeling like I was holding her back a little because there were some sessions that I only wanted to power walk and not run.
I was a little spooked by the asthma thing.

That’s when I took an entire week off.

And found out that Rebecca had run with her husband and was up to two miles.
And for some reason, this really hurt my feelings.


Maybe because I felt like it was such a huge hurdle for me to even get to one mile and I think I was jealous that she was having no problem running and I was falling apart limb by limb.
I felt inadequate and frankly, like a loser.
Do you see the animosity that running with friends creates??

So I held in my feelings when she told me one night at a dinner at her house.
She was absolutely wonderful about it and still wanted to run with me but I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t keep up with her.
And literally cried the entire car ride home and spent the most of that night awake and feeling sorry for myself.
I had a meltdown.
About running.
Who in the hell am I??

Now to be fair, there were other things going on in my life such as my parents moving far away but this was the thing that put me over the proverbial edge.
And in the middle of the night, I decided all alone, mid sobs, in the dark that I was quitting.
Stupid, dumb, poopy head running.

That morning, I woke up with terrible pain in my tummy.
Thought that this was indeed my body telling me something and felt like I had made the right decision.

Until I realized, despite my obstacles, that I kind of loved running.
I loved how it made me feel.
I loved how it made my body look.
And I loved how much of a release it was for me.
And then I decided I was gonna run again.
And start from the beginning again.

I went to the doctor yet again when the tummy pain didn’t go away after two weeks.
Yeah, IBS.
From stress.


But the nurse (who is also a runner and is one of my biggest fans now) told me this, ” most people would have quit weeks ago but you must love it because you are still doing it after all these little obstacles“.

Then she said, “you look great, I can tell you are running“.

And THAT my friends, is what motivated me to keep doing it.
Because when your nurse, who also is a marathon runner, tells YOU that YOU look good?
Sign.Me. Up. I will run ’til I fall to the ground.

So, 11 weeks after I started the program, to begin with, I started all over again from the beginning and I started “week four” this morning.

It is hard and I have to push myself to get out of bed early to do it.
But I am doing it.
And I plan to run/jog/walk/ gasp my way through a 5k race in September.

On a side note, I am still friends with Rebecca above.
But like I said, take my word for it and exercise with your enemies.
It will save you thousands in therapy bills.

Oh and I really don’t hate on Bruce Jenner.
It was just a better title than, ” I Can’t Run More Than A Mile Or I Will Pass Out”.

2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Bruce Jenner”

  1. Hey there! It's your old friend, Bec …. Remember me???Haha! Sorry I'm a pathetic bloggy friend lately! I need to go back and read what's up with your folks and all that. I'm on vacation right now, and just happened to click on your FB link this morning since I'm sleeping on the worst excuse for a bed I've ever seen – and hence – am not – well, SLEEPING! So …. FB on my phone it was — and there you were!Anywho. You are such a STUD!!!Seriously. A little-known secret – I had started the couch to 5K myself back in February. I successfully made it through 5 weeks — and then found out I was prego! (and due to being scared out of my mind that something might happen to this lil babe – paired with having exactly ZERO amounts of energy AND being sick with strep and all that jazz, I had to stop) I was just getting to the point where I ALMOST looked forward to it — but not really. Mostly, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. And I didn't! Ha!But I'm hoping next year at the same time, after baby is here and settled, I will give it another shot. We'll see. (and no, I would NOT run with anyone else – friend or not! That's like my worst nightmare!)Anyway — just wanted to say – you go, girl! I think you da bomb!Miss ya … and I'm hoping to be "back" soon! (I know I keep saying that!)Hugs!Bec 🙂


  2. I love this post!!! It is so inspiring! I really love running, but I have been out of shape for so long, and had so many physical injuries, I just haven't been able to get started. I started the C25K last summer and made it all of once. I have Osgood Schlatter's disease, too! Can you believe it? I also suffer from planar fascitis, and also now have a neuroma in my left foot — got that last summer, too! ARGH! I haven't even worn tennis shoes for 8 months, let alone gone running.I *think* my foot is healed enough to try again, though, and I'm so glad to have read your post today!~Angela~


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