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Mod Podge Makes Crap Look Prettier

Hello, my friends! How was your weekend?
We started it out with a sweet 16 party for a daughter of a good friend, had a baggo party in the driveway with some neighbors and ended up with a lovely Sunday spent in Michigan with some dear family.

Here are some highlights:

Blueberry bushes.

The path to the blueberry patch.


Fixing a shoe along the way.


Ahhhh…this is the life.
On the golf cart en route to blueberry picking.


Picking blueberries!
She picked an entire large coffee can full.


This is the view from inside their beautiful home.
Thank you to my dear family for this special day and we will be back soon.
And a shout out to Linda, who is a blog reader of mine from day one.
Yes, she has stuck with me through the bad and good.
And in the beginning, it was pretty bad.


Guess what?

I did a craft last week.

Insane, really.

It has been a while since I have really done anything involving creativity or glue.

Last week a friend gave me a tip about helping my youngest get over her monsters under the bed phase and it involved glitter.

I looked at her and literally said, “but that means I have to go to the craft store….” in a whiny voice.

What has happened to me?

I used to love going to the craft store even if I didn’t have a plan.

And after thoughtful pondering I have come to this conclusion:

My kids are sucking the life out of me.

I read all these blogs and they talk all hearts and flowers about summertime, swinging on the porch while drinkin’ lemonade and how it is goin’ waaaaayyyyy too fast and how they are coming up with one project after another to keep their kids occupied AND have time to blog about it after.

This is my routine day after day.
I. Kid. You. Not.

– wake up at the crack of dawn to my youngest asking if she can have some M & M’s….at 6 am.

– spending every dime of my hubs salary to feed two females who I think, I really think, might be 38-year-old Japanese sumo wrestlers.

– make a healthy lunch with lots of fruits and veggies to have them completely dunked in ranch and or sugar or both at once.

– too totally exhausted to use pool passes I paid too much money for, so just sit in driveway spraying the hose at my kids and any other passerby just because its 100 degrees and I can.

– somehow my 4.5-year-old has forgotten to go to the potty by herself and needs help and now has forgotten how to write her own name. Mother of the Year award should arrive in the mail any day.

– our garage now has a funky smell. Not sure if it is the stagnant water table that I forgot to empty three days ago or the massive amounts of food carcasses I am sure my kids and the neighbor kids have left all over the yard/garage/street.

– when I hear someone call my name….which is always in a whiny, high pitched screeching noise that I am sure is akin to those annoying screecher monkeys that no one really likes but says they like at the zoo because who wants to admit they don’t like monkeys?….. I run into the closest room/closet/neighbors home to getaway.

– I go out running to get out of the house away from all of the above, not at all to get exercise.

– thankfully I also have a kick-butt neighbor friend who enjoys margaritas and wine as much as I do to sit outside with and brave the mosquitos with after the kids go to bed. At this moment, I have ten bites on me. Four of which are on my butt.

So when I got some inspiration to work on something other than cleaning the kitchen floor for the sixth time that day, well, that is a big deal.
So here is what I came up with.

I had this board sitting in my basement for years. I have no idea what it is even from.


Then in March, I was in a Five Below store for the first time with the girls and found this calendar full of great Vintage ads and picked it up for 50 cents knowing I could use it for something someday.


By the way, how do we feel about Five Below?
The jury is still out with me.
So I was in a cute little boutique in Wisconsin a few months ago and saw this really cool vintage looking sign for Chicago.
Only it was 150 dollars.
I like Chicago.
Just not that much.
So I was a little inspired.
I asked my husband if he could cut down the wood to the size of the calendar.
Then he sanded the sides a little since it was this cheap crappy board.
Then I whipped out my mod podge.
I have a love-hate relationship with mod podge.
It’s all uppity way of making it seem like it’s something it’s really not.
It’s glue people.
Well, glue with some other chemicals in it but basically, it’s glue.
A glue that really, really likes itself.
I ripped out the calendar page.
Slapped it onto the cut board.
Slathered some mod podge on top of the calendar picture and it will look like this:
Like a hot mess.
But it’s okay.
It will look better.
If you have never used mod podge before I will give you two tips:
1- clean your fingers as you are working with it, otherwise, you will be peeling off what looks like skin but is actually mod and podge for days…..
 2- hold the item you are mod podge-ing completely still and make sure there are no wrinkles or it will look like that when you are finished.
Not that I know that from experience.
Okay here it is all mod podged:
See the wrinkles?
I wasn’t done though.
I didn’t like the clean look of it.
I wanted it to look a little vintage and rustic.
Like an old sign from a train station or something like that.
So I went to the basement and got out my acrylic paints.
I found a brown paint, Coffee Bean by Folk Art.
I think I might have paid 99 cents for it two years ago.
And I painted over top of the dried mod podged calendar picture.
At first, I was worried it would look less like vintage and more like my kids spilled chocolate pudding on top of it.

 Which wouldn’t be unheard of around here. 

While I was in this process, my oldest daughter actually said, ” you are ruining it, mom”.
And until it dried, I was kind of starting to believe her words.


Then I looked at it two days later….you know, busy hosing the kids down…..and this is how it turned out:
I loved it.
How imperfect it was.
And looked nothing like chocolate pudding.


Like an old sign, that was found in the back of a shed.
About my favorite big city.


Where I met my soul mate 19 years ago.



And just like that.
I got my mojo back.
Back to the lawn chair and the hose.


7 thoughts on “Mod Podge Makes Crap Look Prettier”

  1. LOVE IT!!!! so cute. I'm going to totally copy you!! I'm now on a mission. Is it weird that while i was redecorating my living room this weekend I thought of you and your blog? I have this problem wiht always wanting to run out and buy new things when I redecorate, not this time. I TOTALLY worked with "what i got" hahaha ~Antonia


  2. Oh, Kari, I remember those summers, and that was with five kids. Good deal on getting your project done in spite of life getting in the way. It looks fantastic.


  3. LOVE your Chicago sign! Doesn't look like spilled pudding at all. I had to laugh about the hose…my husband saw our neighbor spraying his kids with the hose and we decided that we would do the same when we had kids!


  4. @ Michelle- 5 kids?!?! Ok, I will stop complaining now……thanks for the compliment. 🙂 @ Lizzy- and when you have kids someday, I want to see a post about spraying your kids from your lawn chair and I will shake my head and laugh lovingly. Because my kids will be in college and high school then. 🙂 Thanks friend!


  5. I read & enjoyed this whole post. From your trip, to the realities of being with the kiddos all summer, to your project. The project turned out great. I so agree with you about Mod Podge. I love and hate the stuff. I've been Mod Podging something as well. Will blog about it soon! Thanks so much for sharing this on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust. Hope you'll be back again next week.Warmly, Michelle


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