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Working With What Ya Got- How I Became The Coolest Mom On The Block

I rarely show my kids’ faces on my blog, but if I show a picture of them; it is of their back to the camera or them in the distance. I am just a little overprotective like that. Since I rarely show them, I realized I don’t do many kids-related projects or makeovers on the blog. That was until today.

As you know, my oldest was away for a week in Minnesota a few weeks ago. So I like to plan little surprises for her when she is away to come home to because it isn’t always a peaceful week for her. I worked feverishly on the nightstand makeover that I showed you here. Then I was really inspired because I had leftover paint and this desk was just sitting in her room.


First, I took all the drawers out and carried them one by one down two flights of steps before I realized I had not, yet again, taking the important before picture.
So I would not carry them back up to take the picture.
I like you all.
Just not that much.

The above desk was my friend Rebecca’s daughter Kelsey’s desk. She gave it to us a few years ago, and it was exceptional when we first got it. But after a few years of my girls getting ahold of it, well, it was bad news. And I say girl(s) plural because when my youngest was in her Picasso stage, she would sneak into her sister’s room and draw all over the top of the desk.
With permanent ink.
No amount of scrubbing or magic eraser was going to budge those marks.
So my mom’s guilt was getting to me.
I wanted something special for my oldest.
Since she is so special to us.
Here are the drawers to the desk in the garage waiting to get spray painted.

Then there is a tip I learned on….wait for it……Pinterest.
Put tin foil on the knobs so you don’t have to take each one off.
Because if you have ever had to paint anything with lots of knobs that you won’t be removing?
It is a lot of work.


I got her new knobs for this desk at the beginning of summer at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off event.
And they go perfectly for the color scheme she is planning for her room.
Less bubblegum pink, girly girl, elementary school and more tweenager, independent tomboy becoming a young woman, not embarrassed to let your friends see your room look.


Then I began spraying the drawers with the leftover Winter Gray from Rustoleum that I used for her nightstand makeover.
I also painted the desk the same gray color.
Then I had an epiphany.
One of our neighbors has a wall in her bedroom painted with chalkboard paint, which I would like to do for Anna eventually, but I knew she loved it and thought how cool to paint the top of the desk in chalkboard paint?
And I had some paint in the garage already!
Here it is all finished:
Only the top is chalkboard paint.


The chair is from IKEA several years ago.

I painted the chair yellow back at the beginning of summer.

The color is Warm Yellow by Rustoleum.


To be clear, that says You R Awesome. Not “you’re awesome”. Because I want to be cool, but the grammar nerd in me just won’t let me be.
Ignore the wall color.
That is our next project.

Cost breakdown:

– desk = free to us…thanks, Rebecca!
– chair = Ikea….do not know how much it was. Again, a while ago.
– spray paint = already had. It would cost you about 10 bucks in spray paint if you went out and bought it today.
– knobs = I want to say I paid around 18 dollars for all seven knobs at Hobby Lobby during one of their sales.
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy those knobs there for full price as they run those sales every other week.
So a free makeover for me and a relatively cheap makeover for you!

10 thoughts on “Working With What Ya Got- How I Became The Coolest Mom On The Block”

  1. What a sweet surprise! Love everything about it, especially your heart behind it 🙂 I'm in the process of re-doing a desk for my daughter, too, hopefully it will be up and posted this week! would love for you to come share with us at the Back to School Resource link up at and/or our regular weekly link party (tues-sun). we'd love to have you!!! :)blessings,lauren


  2. I love the desk! I bet your daughter will enjoy the chalkboard. Now if only adults could put chalkboard paint on their desktops at work…Have a wonderful Thursday!Lizzy


  3. How fun! She's going to love it. Thanks so much for sharing this on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust. Please do come back again next week. I'd love to see what else you've got going on.Warmly, Michelle


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