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This is What Happens When You Are in a Blog Project Slump

This meaning the cool wall accent I am about to introduce you to.
Every year since this blog was born, I run into a blogging slump.
Sometimes twice a year if I am really lucky.
Lucky was said with a sarcastic tone if you are new here.
My blog is a mix of all things crafty, cheap, foodie and life.
I don’t like to theme my blog since I don’t want to put me in a box but you could pretty much say that if someone was gonna describe this little hangout, it would be described as a home and garden type of pad.
Except that if you were to look at any plant life in my backyard, you would take that statement back immediately.
I, the “home and garden blogger”, have been in a craft slump as of late.
So the other day I was getting ready for my cousin to come to town to visit and company always motivates me to move things around and shake things up a bit.
I ended up taking the mirror off of my dining room table that I was using as a centerpiece and was going to put it in my stairway landing then changed my mind and put it in my tween’s room…I know…I am rambling….when I spotted this star propped up against this white frame in the landing all innocent like:
See, I didn’t take the picture when it was where it was originally.
Did I think to put it back?
I took a picture of it on the carpet.
See, this is why I will never win an award for blog photography.
If ever they were to have an award for that.
Oh, and what the heck is that speck in the picture?
A piece of paper?
A leftover potato chip?
What is wrong with me???
So then I had the above star propped against this empty frame:
Again, another stellar picture.
Those are my husband’s hands holding up the empty frame.
On the wall.
I know what you are thinking how does she do it?

Blogger, photographer, expert crafter.

I know.
Be ever so envious of me.
Again, sarcasm if you are new here.
So I thought to myself, huh….” that would look cool framed together“.
Actually, I thought it to myself out loud and my husband said,” greeeeat….I’ll go get the hammer“.
He’s a big fan of my projects.
Go, team!
Nice job, hon.
Hold it right there.
No, maybe to the left a little.
A little more left.
No, no, right…RIGHT!
Wait, lemme go down the steps a little and look at it.
Do you think we need to paint that wall again?
It looks a little scuffed.
Do we even have that paint left?
How long ago did we paint that wall anyway?
Can you place the star over the scuff marks so we can avoid the whole painting over thing?
Oooh doesn’t Chipotle sound good for lunch??
The above is almost verbatim.
This might just be why my husband works long hours.
And here is the mess we created.
It’s all I can do now so I hope you like it.
I will live to craft another day but for now, I am just living for another day.
Of laundry, keeping appointments, driving to soccer practice.

5 thoughts on “This is What Happens When You Are in a Blog Project Slump”

  1. Good for you! Keep framing and hammering and taking photos on the carpet–you're doing a great job! (Honestly, there probably is a blog photography award–but I'm surely never going to win it, either!)


  2. I've been in a slump too! But reading your hilarious post perked me up in no time. I like your new project. And tell your hubby thanks for showing us his handsome hands! WinkWarmly, Michelle


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