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Halloween Mantel 2012

[spacer height="20px"] I love my mantel. But I really love it come fall and winter. That's when I can really dress her up. Case in point, this is the mantle that has been up since March. There is nothing wrong with the above mantel at all. That's why it stayed this way for almost eight months.… Continue reading Halloween Mantel 2012

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Putting My Boo On

[spacer height="20px"] Look who finally decorated for fall/Halloween! Yes, I broke down and did it.....two days before the first day of Autumn. The stores are already marking Halloween to 50% off. Because they gotta make room for the Christmas stuff. Which, by the way, is three months from now. It took a glorious late summer day… Continue reading Putting My Boo On

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My Love Affair With Rustoleum

[spacer height="20px"] Happy Monday! My Monday? Not so great. Our youngest was up all night coughing. I backed into my husband's car at a warp speed causing at least $1,000 of damage. And I could barely run a mile this morning without my lungs burning. Oh and my map my run app stopped working when I got home.… Continue reading My Love Affair With Rustoleum

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Black Door. Take That Elizabeth Arden

[spacer height="20px"] Hey there friends, how was your weekend? Mine was good, Annie's soccer season started again and the weather was beautiful all weekend = 70 and sunny. And I ran my first 5k on Sunday! And it was hard. I mean really hard. I even gasped those same words to my husband who was… Continue reading Black Door. Take That Elizabeth Arden

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Why a Velvet Elvis is Always a Good Idea

[spacer height="20px"] So my friend Rebecca and I went to what is becoming an annual event this past weekend. Our Labor Day weekend flea market!Here are some highlights: Elvis. On velvet. This was one of the first things we saw when we got in. It's like the flea market Gods were shining down on me.… Continue reading Why a Velvet Elvis is Always a Good Idea

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My Favorite Four Ingredient Recipes

[spacer height="20px"] So when I wrangled all of my Dollar Tree craft ideas into one place, it was a huge hit with all of you. Who knew that it took so little on my part to make you so giddy? Need to remember that. Just kidding. I will always work hard on each post. Except… Continue reading My Favorite Four Ingredient Recipes