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Why a Velvet Elvis is Always a Good Idea

Rebecca and I went to what is becoming an annual event this past weekend, our Labor Day weekend flea market!

Here are some highlights:

On velvet.
This was one of the first things we saw when we got in.
It’s like the flea market Gods were shining down on me.
Why in the hell didn’t I buy it?
Someone basically slapped some glue on a tin can and put some burlap with a number printed on it on top of it.
Uh, I could do this and for a lot less than the 10 dollars they were asking.
Step away from my dresser, little girl.
So cute.
The dresser, not the girl.
She was cute too, but not as cute as the dresser.
No, I didn’t buy this either.
Or the little girl.
Busy, busy.
And those barns were hot inside.
And crowded.
See the above wooden crate that the woman is looking at on the floor?
I actually had a fit when I saw it; a good fit.
But I couldn’t get too close to get a picture because the vendors were really close by and I was afraid that they wouldn’t let me take the picture.
Until this woman distracted them and I swooped in.
I loved this piece so much.
It was an old crate with a company name printed on the side; the company was from Chicago, which made me squeal even more. AND it had a burlap cushion AND storage space.
For only 60 bucks.
I could have talked her down to 50 by the way.
I know I could have.
But I walked away from this.
And I regret it too.
Our loot!
I should say, MY loot.
Rebecca only got the gourds.
Nothing “hit” her all day.
That’s because everything was hitting me.
Pummeling me, to be exact.
Our annual self-taken pic.
Always, always flattering.
To her.
Never to me.
Here is what I got:
The cool church-like wooden wall art was one of the first things I saw. Only the first vendor had this marked at 40 dollars. I even said out loud, “you could get one of these at Hobby Lobby for 20 bucks easily”. We walked 50 feet away and found this exact one at another vendor for 20 bucks.
I love this metal yardstick.
The numbers?
This was 16.
I talked her down to 14.
This round basket was originally 20, and I talked her down to 18.
At last year’s flea market, they were asking 28 dollars for this exact basket.
This alphabet print was a buck.
I want to frame it for Ellie’s room.
The above locker basket was 18 as well.
This was also from the tough yardstick woman.

She wouldn’t budge on this one, but I really wanted it.

I got the locker basket last year from this same woman and her prices went way up.
My favorite find was this Halloween sign.
I loved this simple sign so much; $20.
She had a really cute booth with some cool vintage alarm clocks.
I really wish I had purchased those too.
Last but definitely not least, I got this exceptional necklace.

Made from a spoon handle!

It was 8 bucks, chain and all!
There was another vendor there selling these same things for 10 bucks each for only the spoon.

The chain was extra.

My budget for the day was 100 dollars, and I only went over it by 10 bucks!
I spent a little more this year and I totally think that is because I didn’t have a list.
Because I really didn’t know what I was looking for.
But I love everything I got and know I will use it.
And I already AM using some of it:
I put some of my cookbooks on top of my fridge in it.
I love how this looks!
Here is the link to last year’s post.
Click on it for some great tips when flea market shopping!
I have to say, # 4 is good.
And so true it isn’t even funny.
Have fun shopping!

3 thoughts on “Why a Velvet Elvis is Always a Good Idea”

  1. That looks like a score of a day! I went to one a couple of weeks ago and it was such a dissapointment – either overpriced and not willing to haggle or too many broken teacups.


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