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My Love Affair With Rustoleum

Happy Monday!
My Monday?
Not so great.
Our youngest was up all night coughing.
I backed into my husband’s car at a warp speed causing at least $1,000 of damage.
And I could barely run a mile this morning without my lungs burning.
Oh and my map my run app stopped working when I got home.
And I have ten mosquito bites.
That’s all.

I still haven’t broken out the fall decorations yet.
I am getting close though.
I was going to wait until the 22nd when it was the first official day of fall.
But I am thinking a rainy cold day this week might just tip the fall decorating scale for me a little.
I will keep you posted because I am sure you are just on the edge of your seat.
As the title implies, I have a love affair going on with Rustoleum
Or Krylon.
Or the cheap one at Home Depot.
But I do indeed have a secret love affair going on.
And my husband knows about it and is totally fine with it.
I am in love with spray paint.


It has gone on for years now.

Three years to be exact.
Somewhere around the time I discovered blogging and that spray paint could transform a room, a piece of furniture or an inanimate object with just the touch of a finger.
At one time, a friend had suggested she was afraid she would be spray painted should she darken my doorstep.
That is a totally legitimate fear, by the way.

Lately, I have been in a spray painting happy mood.
That usually happens this time of year when the weather starts getting cooler and the temperatures in my garage (where the spray painting happens) become more humane.

I have this awesome menu board that I crafted out of an old Lang calendar frame.
I loved this little project.
And the thing I love most?
I use this menu board every single week.
Notice exhibit #1:

That is one hard ridden menu board.
I mean really hard.
I use it every single week but it was starting to show wear and tear.


See the grooves?
And it was getting almost impossible to write on it anymore.
But did I throw it away?
Just revived it.
With a little spray paint CPR.
Here it is in the garage.
I decided to paint the frame a little more oomph of a color.


And now with three coats of new chalkboard paint:


Have I ever shown you where the magic happens?
Not that magic, this is a family blog.
Here it is.
Prepared to be amazed.


My little corner of the garage.
My little spray painting universe.
It takes your breath away, doesn’t it?
I know it does mine.
Before I show you the reveal on the menu board, lookie what else I did:
This next victim has a back story.
It used to be puke tan.
Then I painted it white.
Then I painted it turquoise.
Then I painted it black.
I really have a spray paint problem. 
But I never really loved it.
It was always just eh to me in the color department.
I blame the puke color.
It never gave this tray a fighting chance.
Here it is through the years.
A little walk down memory lane, if you will.
In its original state.
Painted white.
I swear it looked better than this.

Turquoise blue.
Really bright, no?
I did like it.
For like two months.
Then it got hit again.

Back to basic black.
Basic safe blah black.

So I was nosing around my little corner of the garage one glorious day and found this gem:

I think it came down from the Heavens.
No, it came from my friend when she moved.
But it was indeed a gift because I most likely would not have purchased this on my own.
So a spraying I went.
Then I took a sanding block and did this:


Distressed it.
Are you seeing what I am seeing??
Look at all those cool colors coming out???
It’s like all those dead colors are rejoicing in the new color choice!
No, that’s not it.
That’s the paint fumes overtaking me.


I will show you the reveal when I start decorating for fall.
In a week and a half.
When it IS fall.
That was supposed to be a little sarcastic jab at the other bloggers.
Yes, I am talking to you.
Fall doesn’t start in August.
Pass. It. On.


Here is the menu board!
Doesn’t it look so much cleaner?


My last little project was my youngest daughter’s bed.
This is such a bad picture.
Can I tell you how hard it is to take a picture of her room because of the blinding pink paint?
When I picked the color, I was creating a life in my womb.

                                        Also known as- under the influence of bad decision-making hormones.

It’s a soft rose color and it was lovely for a baby girl but any kind of lamp in this room gives off the worst glare known to man.
And we read in this room.
A lot.
So this color will be changing.
To a color that doesn’t require you to wear corrective lenses just to read Goodnight Gorilla.
So the bed.
The headboard was my gramma’s when she was later on in life.
It was her last bed before she went to live in a nursing home.
This is a treasured bed for many reasons but mainly because it was my gramma’s bed and my youngest has my gramma’s name.
So when it was time to get Ella a big girl bed, my mom and I wanted her to have this bed.
I mean it was only fitting.
The only thing I didn’t really care for was the brass parts.
So I just brought the headboard to the yard and painted it:
Just be warned, if you are a lawn purist, the mark will stay on your yard for at least 1-2 mowings.

Be advised.

I used Heirloom White by Rustoleum which is a really soft white.
I didn’t want it to be glaring white but a softer white.
And here is the after:
The animal arrangement above was all Ella.
I love that she likes to tuck in her animals.
I love it so much more now.
Not that I could really love it any more than I already did.
Amazing what a little paint can do.


5 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Rustoleum”

  1. Very cute post. And yes, Blogging leads to spray paint addiction. I swear I'd never bought the stuff except maybe to spray pine cones for Christmas decorations. But now, I have a range of colours. I'm so picky, I have gold spray AND brass spray, because they're different shades…You're right about Autumn. Late September, people!


  2. Only one comment? Wake up! This is an amazing, epic post, people, just look at that unbelievable metallic spray painted tray with just the right touch of scuff. This blog post features three great looking projects, hints at the future, and it reveals Kari's fantastic permanent spray painting setup. (No sarcasm, really, I am jealous because I have to put my stuff away every stinking time.) Oh and Kari, I'm sorry you had a bad Monday. I also had a bad Monday, but this evening was slightly better. Maybe your week will improve. And I personally believe Autumn should not be a fixed date, but instead should begin when the summer weather cools off, but obviously that would cause great confusion. Regardless, my fall decorations are in the storage closet. Great post.


  3. Oh, and I'm sorry this is Anonymous. I realize that is rude but I don't have a blog yet and my email is under spam siege so I need to come up with a new one. I promise you I will come back when I have one.


  4. LOl that is hilarious and I love the finished board! Trying my first ever spray paint makeover today but now the clouds are coming over 😦


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