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Putting My Boo On

Look who finally decorated for fall/Halloween!
Yes, I broke down and did it…..two days before the first day of Autumn.
The stores are already marking Halloween to 50% off.
Because they gotta make room for the Christmas stuff.
Which, by the way, is three months from now.

It took a glorious late summer day to get me in the mood to pull the skeletons outta my closet.
I don’t actually have real skeletons.
But Dollar Tree has tons of the fake ones if you are into that sort of thing.

In order for me to stay true to you, the loyal reader and to lay it all out there, there is another reason that I didn’t decorate until this late besides wanting to be an angst-ridden blogger who is anti-establishment, stick it to the man.
There was an anniversary that I needed to get beyond.
Last September 19th, I found out my husband lost his job.
As I was decorating the house for fall.
I actually had a fake pumpkin in my hand when I got the call.

So the thought of decorating this year was kind of not something I was looking forward to.
In fact, I even thought about not doing it at all.
For just a millisecond.
Because I have children and I know how much they love it when the house is decorated for any holiday, I decided to pull up my big girl panties and move on.
So I decorated on the 20th this year.
Nothing bad happened on the 19th.
Except for my oldest got pink eye for the first time.
I will take that instead.

So without further ado, here is my version of fall.


This is what it looks like when it all starts.

Like Fall threw up all over my dining room table.
This is my tip for decorating for any season.
Pull as much as you can out, lay it out on a table and work your way through it.
Don’t have room for it?
Give it away.
Halloween is only one month out of the year.
Do you really need to have ten bins of it?
I gave away four things this year alone.


This fall wreath is one of my favorites.
A former co-worker had her mom make this for me.
I have had it for five years and put it out every fall.
This is another favorite.
I got this at a Southern Living at Home party seven years ago and use it every fall and Christmas time.
You just take your picks and fill it in.
You can’t make it look bad.
That’s the beauty of it.




There used to be glass candle holders that went with this but can’t find them anywhere.
And of course, Southern Living at Home doesn’t exist anymore.


Next up is the buffet in my living room.

Remember this tray?
The tray of many colors.


I wanted to use this tray to create a tablescape.
Or a trayscape.
I think I just invented a word.


I added the 31 frame I made last year here.
The boo sign is a Dollar Tree frame painted black with boo printed from my computer.
Cost me a dollar to make.
The glass jars?
From Home Depot in the lighting department for $3.95 each.
They are supposed to be used for those hanging lights.
But ignore them for now.
They didn’t make the last cut.
Don’t worry, I am sure they will appear somewhere else real soon.


Okay, see that silver pumpkin?
Those are really popular now; they are called mirror paint pumpkins.
Except that mirror glass paint is like 12 bucks a can.
A very, very skinny can.
I got this pumpkin for $7.23 at Hobby Lobby.
A lot cheaper than the 12 buck paint + the labor of doing it to make this look.
I just got this pumpkin this year too, so hurry over to see if they still have them!

I got the following cool spider web doily looking thing for a dollar!
At where else?


I love how it looks under my Goodwill lamp!

What is wrong with this picture?
Besides the fact that you aren’t in it?


My frames are all crooked.
It’s because I wanted it to look all haunted house-like!
Do you like it?
You can see right through me, can’t you?
We live really close to commuter trains that ramble by all the dang day long.
So these frames were straight.
Then the Metra zoomed by.


See the adorable wreath my friend Rebecca made for me last year?
I love this so much.
So good to see it back again.

And the haunted house?
Dollar Tree strikes again.
I really wanted to sew these on plain pillows but I didn’t have any plain pillows.
And I don’t know how to sew so…



Here is another tip:
When decorating for a season, put all the old stuff into the bins you brought up for the seasonal stuff.
Then when you bring it back up again, there it is again!

These are some paper cutouts I got at…..I swear I am not being paid by them…Dollar Tree.
One buck for the whole shebang.
I taped them to surfaces last year and was able to remove them without ripping them.


Here they are on the mirror below:


I have this awesome cabinet in my dining room that we use for the girls’ backpacks, shoes and soccer gear.

So I decorated the top of it this year. It was in our garage last fall. Long story…



The basket I got at the flea market this year.
The FALL accent piece I made last year.
The pumpkins are all mixed and matched; I have had all of these for years.
I haven’t had to buy a fake pumpkin in probably five years.
Apparently, I went through a pumpkin phase in my twenties.
The leaf garland I have had even longer.
I don’t even remember where I got it.



This is my Goodwill rolling table that I renovated here.
It was supposed to be a kitchen island but it never stuck.
I blame Timmy.
Inside joke.
Unless you go here.

The pumpkins, again, I have had forever.
The cute little ivory footed plate, my friend Rebecca got me last winter at IKEA.
The sign, I renovated here last year.


You may have never seen this corner of my home before.
Mainly because it’s never been really exciting.
But I love that haunted house on the mirror!
And my ghost!
Her name is Matilda!
My mama got her for me a few years ago and she makes me smile.
Isn’t she cute?
That cool genie looking lamp?
Hobby Lobby last summer for 80% off.

And here is my fall mantel!
I am doing a separate post for my mantel.
More details to follow but here is a sneak peek!

So I am all decorated for fall.
And it didn’t hurt too much.


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