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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Fall To-Do List

This weekend.
This has been the past seven days for me:
Dr office, co-pay, cvs, prescription, cough, cough, my eye hurts, now it’s burning, cough, cough, yes this is Anna’s mom- she will not be coming to school today, blow your nose!, cover your mouth!, Dr office, co-pay, cvs, prescription, up all night with a cougher…for 7 nights straight, oh it’s just a cold- she is fine to go to school, cough, cough, mommy- what is that green stuff in your eye??, back to Dr, co-pay, cvs, prescription, lay on the couch while kids sit in front of TV, cough, cough, cough, cough, couugggggghhhhhh…..
I think my kids are trying to kill me.
Or each other.
I am not sure yet.
I know that as I type this, I can hear my youngest coughing in her sleep from the monitor.
And that I have to wake up my oldest in a half hour to give her eye drops for the second batch of pink eye she has had in two weeks.
But first, I have to give myself eye drops.
Because I have pink eye for the first time in my 42 years.
My oldest has missed three days of school so far, and we aren’t even in October yet.

It has been a long week here and I am taking you down with me.

By the way, I created the below post way before all the above.
I have had no time to do anything other than wipe noses and eyes since September 21st.
So I made this Summer To-Do List this past summer.
Maybe you remember it?

It was so easy to create.
You can read the tutorial here.

One day I noticed it just hanging there all sad like.
A reminder of what we had done this summer with most of the boxes checked off.
We never got to camp out in a tent in the backyard.
But everything else we did, and it was a fun reminder of what a cool summer we had around here.
The beauty?
I can reuse this for every single season, which I totally didn’t even think about when I created it.
I guess I was so happy that summer was finally here that I totally didn’t even think about the possibilities!

I was actually on the phone with Rebecca when I came up with the fall checklist idea.
I was on my way out the door to run errands when she called and I sat down and chat.
Had I just run my errands, I might not have thought of this idea.
Sometimes it’s good to slow and down and take the phone call, you know?

First, I had to erase the summer to-dos.



I just used Windex.
Rebecca asked me if that is the correct way to remove this type of chalk, and I honestly don’t know.
That is what I had on hand, and that is what I used.
I am sure it is the worst thing possible to use.
Because that is how I roll.




Here it is all done!

I think I love it!


Notice I said kid-friendly haunted house.
That’s not just for the kids.
 I may or may not have a haunted house phobia that goes beyond the realm of anything resembling normalcy.
Do you know what I just realized?


My kitchen walls look like a green chalkboard!


That’s all gonna change soon enough because I am painting them.
A lot of you have emailed me when I mentioned painting it saying, “nooooooo!”.

Well before you start a “save the kitchen paint color” campaign, I already have a color picked out.

Or three.
I am thinking of going gray.
Here are the finalists:
The front-runner?
Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore….. I will have Home Depot mix this for me using Behr paint. 


Winter Day by Martha Stewart.
I don’t know about this because I hate winter.
So a color named Winter’s Day?
Not so sure that’s a good idea.


Or Stonington Gray by Ben Moore.
This is grayer than the Revere Pewter.
So what do we think?
We have had this color kitchen for the entire seven years we have lived in this house and have gotten so many compliments.
But it is showing its age, and I want a little lighter color.
I would truly appreciate all input!

UPDATE- I chose the Revere Pewter and Upbeat Green as an accent. Click here to see the new colors!


17 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Fall To-Do List”

  1. Just MHO but, don't go with grey for a kitchen. Kitchens should be bright and cheery places ppl want to sit and chat and eat and laugh. What about a purple or yellow or if you want a more neutral color maybe a sage green? Anyway whatever you choose here's to hoping you are extremely happy with it :)Loved the fall to do list BTW!!


  2. I know, I thought about that.In fact, my neighbor bestie was sitting in my kitchen this morning and said she loves the color as is. I don't know.Maybe I will wait on it….its so much work anyway. Thank you so much for the input!


  3. If i owned a home i would paint the walls all the time. i love to paint. i used to paint my bedroom at my parents hosue when i was younger AAAALLLL the time. With that bit of useless info about me being said, i said PAINT AWAY SISTER!! the one thing i do like about the grey is you can change up the decor color accessories all the time…grey is sorta like black…goes with anything… then you can add pops of vibrant fun inviting things in your kitchen…party on… i mean paint on. Antonia


  4. We just (nearly) completed a kitchen redo. Not much room for paint but I used MS Whetstone grey. We all love it. It can look grey or a sort of taupe, and sometimes even a greyed green but we love the look of all of it. The kitchen has an adjoining mud/breakfast room that has board and batten on the lower half and I put the same color there. It's only paint so be brave!


  5. I think a lighter color will freshen it -go for it. Love the chalk board. SO many things for the kids to look forward to.


  6. Oh Jocie thank you! I really love that color so knowing it is in your home and you love it makes that so helpful for me!


  7. Oh wow, Kari. You come up with the niftiest lists! It my pleasure to feature you {again – you're a favorite – I'm not going to lie!} in my Fabulous Friday Favorites post. Warmly, Michelle


  8. Love your fall list! What a neat idea. Something else for me to add to my to-do list. :)I am going through my grey phase now so I say go for it. It's only paint and if you're ready for a change do it. I like that grey is a neutral but not in the tan family. I have always wanted to use Stonington grey somewhere. One day…Hope everyone is feeling better at your house!


  9. Debra-Thanks so much!Well I used the Revere Pewter in my bath and LOVE it. Just don't know how it would look in kitchen?


  10. Hello, dear Kari! So sorry about the coughing & pink eye. Maybe you will not have to deal with it for the rest of the winter?? I love a fall checklist…my daughter just told me we should make one for fall 🙂 I vote revere pewter!


  11. I’ve done seasonal bucket lists (much like your to-do list), but I like the idea of displaying it all on a chalk board. Makes you want to be sure to accomplish as much as you can on the list! Love this idea 🙂


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