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My Christmas Vignette! What’s A Vignette?



Can I be honest?
It’s a little stressful to bake with kids.
Let me rephrase that.
It’s stressful to bake with a preschooler.
Who just “learned to cook” at preschool last week.

While I have many fond memories of cooking in the kitchen with my mom and gramma when I was young, I remember that most of the holiday baking was done by mom and gramma without the help of junior assistants.

I wanted to take a nap when it was all over.
But now we have fudge, Rolo cookies, cut-out cookies, and snowball cookies.
Please come to my home and eat them.
Because I may or may not have had cookies for breakfast this morning.
The day before I go to a “Balanced Living” workshop.

There is this holiday link party that I have taken part in with some bloggers and this topic came up and for a moment I had to think.
What the hell is a vignette?
I assume a vignette is a little area of your home where you create a scene or a tablescape.
Or it’s a French cookie.
Either way, I thought it would be fun to take part because a) I love to go to parties and b) I think that once I find out what a vignette is, I really want one in my home, and c) vignette is just really fun to say!
Say it with me.
Um, the G is silent.
You’re welcome.

So here is my attempt at a vignette.


Never gets old.


The Charlie Brown type tree was a gift from my mama last Christmas.
The JOY ornaments are from Dollar Tree last year.
The framed quote is from some blog.
I forget whose.
Not mine, that’s for sure. 
My friend printed it out on photo paper for me last Christmas.
The frame I have had for years.
The globe is a gift from my mom and dad this year.
It’s not a good picture, but it is a snow globe that when you press a button, snow flies around for five minutes!
It is so relaxing.
They got it at Costco.

Shield your eyes if you are one of those perfectionist bloggers.
For the rest of us, welcome to my home:


This lamp is a Goodwill find that I restored here.
$3.99 for the lamp and the shade.
And now I know why it was only $3.99.
This shade.
Bane of my existence with interior lighting.
Whenever I pass by the lamp, I always ALWAYS straighten it.
Others have tried to fix it and fail every time.
It is an un-fixable lamp shade.
So if you ever find a great lamp for $3.99?
Back away slowly.



I also have one more “vignette”, if you will.
I got these puppies after Christmas last year at Anthropologie.
I stumbled on them really, because we don’t have an Anthro near our home, but we were in this little town about 45 minutes away and walked in, and there these were.
For 75% off.
I have a feeling I won’t ever be kicking myself for purchasing these babies.
All I have to do is plop them on a table (up high in our home since we still have young ones around) and they create their own little vignette.


This week I will be at my first ever blogging event in Chicago, and I am so excited!
Can’t wait to report back to all of you about the goings-on and trust me, you will get ALL the details!


4 thoughts on “My Christmas Vignette! What’s A Vignette?”

  1. I am moving into your home, post haste. I love how you write, i love your pictures and your special-needs lamp, i love that you ate cookies for breakfast. Then end.


  2. Love your vignette! 🙂 Your snow globe jars are so cute. We made some DIY snow globes last week….but our jars leaked. Haha! But we just decided not to turn them upside down.


  3. I love your vignette!And I feel you pain about the lamp. My house if full of special needs furniture (especially my couch which should be in a nursing home by now)Alecia @


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