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Ohhhhh Christmas Tree – Old School Edition

My first blogger event ever was the past two days.
And I have one word.
I won’t go into it here because I will have an entire post about it in a week or so but let me just tell you, I didn’t want to return to real life.
And it has been REAL since I got back.
Gone a day and a half and all hell breaks loose.
And I have the laundry to prove it.

So I am participating in a cool link party over at Sarah’s blog today.
You may have heard of her, Thrifty Decor Chick?
Her party involves all things Christmas and Tree.
Meaning shows us your Christmas Trees!!
So here is mine!
But it is not perfect nor are the ornaments spaced out evenly.
Or are they all balanced.
My tree has looked the same since I was in my 20’s.
Because this is how my childhood tree looked.
A mix of handmade ornaments and ornaments that represent places we have been or milestones in our lives.

This year for the first time in my adult life, we added color lights.
I love the white lights but my oldest has begged me for the past year to do color lights on the tree.
So we did it this year and it takes me back to my childhood.
It just looks like an old-fashioned Christmas tree.
Next year, I want to do those huge color bulbs on the tree!
Go big or go home, I say.

So here are some of my favorite ornaments:


6th grade me.
I made this origami paper ornament in art class.
So that is my 6th-grade yearbook picture.
I love that my parents kept this so nice over the years.
And that my kids can now snicker at the picture each year we pull it out.
It’s not that funny.


My parents got this for me last year!
Isn’t it cute?
I love this so much.
Because I was totally born to blog.
Or eat lots of food.
Yes, more the other.


My nephew’s handprint.


My girls’ middle names.
AND the reason for my blog title.


Angel wings.
My mom got this for me at Pottery Barn last Christmas time.
Here’s a tip: go to Pottery Barn a few days BEFORE Christmas.
They have everything Christmas on sale 40- 50 % off.
Without the after Christmas crowds.


I love this so much.
We found this at one of those specialty Christmas ornament stores in Milwaukee a few years ago.


Handmade ornaments through the years.
I love these more than anything on this tree.
Thank you, teachers, for these wonderful gifts.
If teachers only knew how much these mean to parents.
I am so sad that this year my oldest (in 7th grade) won’t make one.
For the first time since preschool.

Speaking of preschool, this was made by my oldest when she was four.
It’s toilet paper rolls!
Made to look like a snowflake.
Love those preschool teachers.
Like MacGyver.
Only great with kids.

So there is our tree, I hope you like it.
Because it makes us smile each Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Ohhhhh Christmas Tree – Old School Edition”

  1. Nice tip on Pottery Barn. I almost always hit them up after Christmas and have a number of decor items to prove it! Hah.Nice meeting you, too. Maybe we'll meet again…


  2. Great post! I loved seeing your beautiful and meaningful Christmas tree and especially learning about some of the ornaments that are special to you.Glad we got to meet this week at the #CCBalancedLiving workshop and sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. Hopefully we can plan one or more get together in the not too distant future to help us all stay connected.As for the laundry situation, I feel you on that! I am doing many loads today… 🙂


  3. There is nothing better than a homemade Christmas ornament! Unless of course it's dipped in chocolate. shhhh. Don't tell Kim. As far as she's concerned, I dipped it in lite olive oil.


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