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Grace Full Year in Review 2012

Hello all!
We are enjoying an amazing week’s vacation in Tennessee with my parents and had this post up and ready to go before we left.
We flew down on Christmas Day and I kid you not, Santa Claus was on our plane.
I have proof but it is on my dumbphone so I will have to try to somehow get it to my email to show you because it’s just too good to not share.
Of course, by the time that happens, it will be spring and it won’t be as funny or relevant.
The story of my blog.

I started doing this type of post last year when bloggers all over the joint were posting their end-of-year reviews.
A retrospect, if you will.
It is fun to look back at the past year and see all that has happened.
Well, most of it anyway.
This year has been about growth for me.
Not a Growth.
You know, growing, growth!
February I was inducted into BlogHer’s hallowed halls and that changed my life in so many amazing ways.
It’s like having a kick-ass big sister looking out for you and I love that big sister so much.
Then I joined Twitter.
Well, no.
Actually, I joined two years ago.
I figured out Twitter this year.
I have become so versed in hashtags and @’s that it’s so silly!
And let me tell you about my Twitter friends, Tweeps or Twangels if you will.
They are amazeballs.


Which by the way, the word amazeballs is gonna be banished in 2013.
And also Giuliana Rancic claims she came up with the word which is such a lie.
Anyhoo, I need to come up with another awesomesauce word.
Because I am sure awesomesauce is on its way out.
And that Angelina Jolie is probably gonna try to take the credit for that one.

Back away from the cool words, celebs.


Anyway. about my Twitter buds. They have been a source of laughter, inspiration, and camaraderie.
Look at me using big words.
They got me through a really tough time earlier this year and raised me up, even let me vent on one of their blogs.
Plus, they are funny.
I mean snort out loud funny.
I am even funnier on Twitter than I am on the blog.
In my humble opinion.
So if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you don’t get to see that side of the blog.
Because the real me comes out on Twitter.
Got you curious, don’t I???

So here is a little statistical info for the past year.
It’s fun to see what you love most as posts and where you all are coming from.

Here are the top five posts in your opinion, with the highest page views

1- Dollar Tree Craft- Cute Glass Holder of Schtuff : this has been the most popular for over a year now.

2- Master Bath Makeover: I love it too.

3- What’s In My Bag: Seriously? I do not know why this gets so many hits. Is my credit card info showing?

4- My Most Favorite Project to Date: still my most fave and yours too!

5- My Second Most Favorite Project to Date: Thank you Rascal Flatts. Thank. You.

My top five referrers, meaning blogs or sites that bring the most traffic to me

1- Google

2- Pinterest… I knew I loved Pinterest

3- Thrifty Decor Chick- her monthly link parties are keeping me in business.

4- A Bowl Full Of Lemons- I can’t read her blog in Internet Explorer anymore but thanks to hear What’s In My Bag party mentioned above, she is keeping the readers coming. To this day. And that party was in January. Of 2011.

5- Facebook

And my most popular keyword searches, meaning what people type into Google to land on my blog

1- Dollar Tree Crafts: still this is the most popular way you find me! Wow. And I haven’t made a DT craft in almost a year.

2- A Grace Full Life: this made me smile. That people are actually hearing about my blog then google it. Squeal.

3- Kitchen Table Makeover:  Some peeps are doing some serious table prepping. Because they are not finding me by MY makeover.

4- Candle Holders Using Dollar Tree Candles: again. A year. Since I even crafted something like this. And eternally grateful that people are finding me this way.

5- Mason Jar Centerpieces: I made these last fall, but I think it’s the rustic barn wedding craze that is sending friends here from this search.

And last but not least, here are the countries from which most of my lovelies are heading in

1- the USA is where most of my great new besties come from. Not sure which state most of you come from since I just figured out Google Analytics like last week. I will tell you that most of my readers come from the South. Love me the South. You all get me there. Or you’ll get me there. Sorry, my bad.

2- But not to be outdone, here comes Canada in second place. Oh Canada, I love you so much and someday I will visit. When it’s summer and a heatwave hit you up there.

3- Russia. I love you so much, my Russian friends. You have been in third place since I started the blog. Even when I had, like, 10 readers…2 of you were from Russia!

4- The UK! Give my best to the Queen. And to Wills. And Colin Firth. Oh, and the Indian fish market guy who is burning up YouTube.
5- Germany. My ancestor’s homeland. I love you all! And yet you still love David Hasselhoff. Why? WHHYYYY?? Just kidding. Ok, maybe not.

Thank you all for such a great blogging year.
You make this adventure so much fun and worth keeping up.
I do this for all of you, and I am so lucky to have all of you.
Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Grace Full Year in Review 2012”

  1. Can you explain Twitter to me next time we meet? Great year in review! My number on post (which I can't figure out) is "My Life as a Chicken." It's like 3 sentences long. Baffling.


  2. Pretty sure that my sister made up the word "amazeballs", just sayin.Also, was heavily disappointed and in need of sedation when I read this and discovered that there was no mention of our meeting this year. 🙂


  3. Oh Antonia, you are my biggest supporter and I love ya! The chalk pen is permanent and haven't found one that isn't …..yet;).


  4. Melisa- sorry about forgetting to mention you….next years review, Kay? Oh and I totally think it was your sister…..anybody but that Rancic chick.


  5. Nice summary of the year!! Maybe I should do the same next year!! Hope you and your loved ones have a fabulous year ahead!


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