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Four Ingredient Super Bowl Recipes

It’s no secret around here that I love Super Bowl Sunday.
Really, I could care less about the football game.
Unless the Bears are in it.
Yeah. Still could care less.
It’s all about the food for me.
The one day of the year that you can pig out and it is totally socially acceptable.
So here are my favorite four-ingredient recipes that will make your Super Bowl party one to remember.


1- Ribs!

What is a super bowl party without some sort of the main dish that involves some sort of meat?
Here is a great recipe that takes no time at all.
You can grill these outside if you live somewhere warm or broil them inside if you live somewhere cold.
We hearty north Midwestern folks will grill outside all year-long.
We are just that committed.
To being insane.


What super bowl party is complete without some sort of main dish that involves some sort of meat.

2- Nachos!

Another football watching staple although I associate nachos more with baseball for some reason.
These are great, easy and can be low-calorie if you want them to be.


Another football watching staple.

3- Mini Cheeseburgers!

These are so much easier than making sliders because you use ground beef instead of making patties.
This makes for a large crowd too, so perfect for parties!


This makes for a large crowd too, so perfect for parties!

4- Egg Rolls!

These are not like the Chinese egg roll you might be used to.
More like a taquito, but even better tasting.
These involve a bit of prep work but trust me on this, they are 100% worth it.


And here are two recipes I love but I don’t have a picture of but rather than have someone sue me for using their picture (even though I would credit them), I didn’t add a picture.
Trust me on this though: they look and taste delicious when they are done!


Italian Beef!

Meatball Subs!

I hope you make some of these for your party.
Because it would be like I am right there with you.
And if you make ALL of these things that night, I will be right there with you.
Pass the remote and I would love a glass of wine.

For more Four Ingredient Recipes, head over here! 

15 thoughts on “Four Ingredient Super Bowl Recipes”

  1. Your Super Bowl recipes look yummy, and best of all, not too complicated. That's my kind of cooking (and eating). I just came over from House of Hawthornes.


  2. Oh my these totally look yummy. This is going to be my first year watching the big game in the States and I really want to make the most of it. I can see many of these items gracing the coffee table in front of the TV!


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