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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not- NaBloPoMo #1

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How do I get myself into these things?
So I am friends with some amazing bloggers on Facebook and somehow I thought it would be fun to participate in this:[spacer height=”20px”]
Exactly what I said.
Blogher has these fun little writing prompts that you commit to each month.
For fun.
Blogging every single day of the month.
For fun.
On a different topic that they pick for you.
Did I mention this is for fun?
So I have my new friend Jen to thank for this.
OK here is the gist:
– I get a topic
– I blog about it
– Every single day in February
– When I am done, I get 10,000 dollars.


No. No. I don’t get paid. It’s for fun, remember?!


The good news for you?
Posting every day = short posts.
My topic today to start it off is :
When was the last time you said: “I love you”.
Easy enough.
It was an hour ago when I dropped off my youngest at preschool.
We say I love you a lot around here.
I mean aaaaaa llllloooot.
The hubs and I say I love you every time we hang up the phone before we go to bed before he leaves for work or I leave to run errands.
We aren’t one of those couples but we do know that we would regret it if something were to happen and we didn’t say it.
Same with our children.
My oldest is in 7th grade and every morning before she goes to the bus, we exchange I love you’s.
I grew up with abundant I love you’s growing up and I want that for my children so that they can never say they felt unloved at home.
That and I don’t want to be the subject of a really depressing country song someday.


5 thoughts on “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not- NaBloPoMo #1”

  1. I grew up in an "I love you" family and am so thankful! My husband and I are now the same. Such a great thing! I'm excited for your month of blogging!!


  2. Aaw i love this! We are big "i love you" people too, and pray with each child every night and we say i love you, and whenever 12yr old finally goes to sleep, she sends a,"goodnight mom & dad, i love you" text!


  3. I've looked around your blog and let me just say, you've got a new reader/fan/stalker! You seem SO down to Earth and we totally have a lot in common. Just the fact that you listed 'Dollar Tree' & 'Walmart' in your little About Me, made me LOVE ya. Two of my favorite places! Anyways – this post – our family is the SAME! We exchange I love yous a lot around here and I wouldn't have it any other way. My family was the same way, but my husband's was not – at ALL. They weren't affectionate in any form, so when we started our family, my husband swore our kids would NEVER go a day without hearing it and feeling it. 🙂


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