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Perfectly Imperfect. What I Tell Myself So I Don’t Go Into the Fetal Position

So my house.
The house I live in with my sweet little family?
Well, sometimes sweet.
It’s a great house.
To us.
And I am so proud of our home.
We have worked really hard over the past seven and half years to keep up with repairs, make upgrades where we can afford them and add touches here and there.
But if you compared my home to those of the bloggers who fall into my “category”, my home is nowhere near the same level.
Lately, I have had a “mid-life crisis” with my blog.
When I started this blog two and a half years ago, I set out to be a decorating/organizing/craft blog.
Because that’s what I love to do.
But when you blog, you get lumped in with other bloggers who are in the same genre.
Maybe it’s because you attend their link parties.
Maybe it’s because you read their blogs and have something in common with them.
But you do get clumped.
Now don’t get me wrong, I like being lumped with them.
Well, some of them.
But it wasn’t until I went on Twitter that my heart started to change.
Because my closest blogging friends or the ones I seem to gravitate to aren’t in the DIY realm.
Because the blog friends who have surrounded me and taken me in like a lost family member have nothing remotely to do with decorating my home.
Because the blog friends who I could ask for help and come to my rescue?
Aren’t blogging about a brand new kitchen.
I never found that with the DIY bloggers I followed, commented on, and replied to.
Of the bloggers who I met in Chicago at the blogging event, most if not all that I connected with, had nothing to do with painting a wall, installing a floor, or repairing a wingback chair.
With one exception, Linda at It All Started With Paint.
She was amazing.
So I am so glad I met these amazing people because I was starting to doubt my genre a little.
I want to be the DIY blogger that answers questions if you leave them.
Who gives back to the underdog.
I want to be a DIY blogger who is real.
Not for show.
Not professional pictures that make my house look like an interior designer created it.
Like YOU could create it.
Because I am you.
So in remaining real, I should tell you, my home has faults.
Lots of them. But there are some, that even though they should be repaired, I just don’t wanna.

Like the stain on the ceiling in the family room from all the water that has run over the tub in the kids bathroom through the years.

Like the stain on the ceiling in the family room from all the water that has run over the tub in the kids’ bathroom through the years.
The stain reminds me that they are still messy.
And still, splash around in the bath or shower.
And are still little.
Yes, I know.
This will get repaired.


Or the table edge that is rubbed off due to the hours and hours of homework done here by my 7th grader.

Or the table edge that is rubbed off due to the hours and hours of homework done here by my 7th grader.


Or the chalkboard pantry wall that is gouged from when my five-year old tried to write on here with her own chalk a little too hard.

Or the chalkboard pantry wall that is gouged from when my five-year-old tried to write on here with her own chalk a little too hard.


Or the scuffed door frame

Or the scuffed door frame (I have many in the house that look like this) due to all the years of kids running up and down these basement stairs to play and holding on to this door frame.
Sadly, my oldest rarely runs down to play there anymore so I don’t wanna remove these scuffs.


Or the sad couch cushions in our family room.

Or the sad couch cushions in our family room.
I scrub these weekly to no avail.
But there has been a lot of movie watching, popcorn eating and snuggling done on this old thing.
I almost don’t want the stains to come out.


Or the 15-year-old coffee table that has been well-loved and well used.

Or the 15-year-old coffee table that has been well-loved and well used.
Lots of drawing, coloring, cutting, and pasting is done on this table.
As well as a few tea parties.

And this is one wall that will never get painted or cleaned:

We have measured both girls on this wall.

We have measured both girls on this wall.
Annie since she was 5 (when we moved in) and Ellie since she was old enough to stand up.
I love this wall so much it hurts.
It will really hurt when we move and have to leave this wall someday.
You just can’t get memories like this back.

So there is a partial tour of my imperfect home.
There are lots more imperfections.
But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

17 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect. What I Tell Myself So I Don’t Go Into the Fetal Position”

  1. Love this!!!!! I think you're awesome and cool and I love that you're crafty too!! That measuring wall – I'd be hacking out some drywall when I moved!


  2. Hi there! I actually really love your blog because you *are* honest.I wanted you to know, too, that I have found lots of DIY bloggers who want to keep it real. Some of them are popular and some are not as much, but they all are honest and I value that. I could send you a list. :-)Also, about once a year or so (I'm due), I do a post called "True Confessions" where I show every room of my house. Full disclosure, no cleaning first. The last one (last year) is here:, don't lose heart! There's lots of us "real" DIY bloggers out here! :-)~Angela~


  3. Oh Kari, I've only just met you and I like you already.We haven't lived in our current house long enough to have too many "memory spots" but have left many behind in past homes. I don't know about you, but homes that look perfect make me a little uncomfortable.


  4. I am a local blogger, but I ran into the same thing – my content niche didn't fit my personality niche (except for a few beautiful people I met in there…). I just went with it, I've never been good at fitting into categories anyway 🙂


  5. You need to do what feels right to you and don't worry about any one else. Nobody is perfect, even the ones that look perfect. I think blogging is so much fun! I take pictures with my iPhone, I don't have ads or sponsors, and each post gets a few hundred views and a handful of comments and that is good enough for me. I follow your blog because I like what you do and I don't compare it to others. Keep up the good work!


  6. I love this SO much. I'll tell ya true, i totally wanted to be a DIY clogger. I meant to write blogger, but now DIY clogger is making me laugh, so there it stays. Anyway, I WANTED TO! But i don't do anything consistantly – create beautiful things, make glorious recipes…and now i'm a little scared to add those things to my blog because i've been lumped in (like you said, with some types this is good, with others NOT) with the Mom blog scene…so i don't know if i could ever add things? I mean, it's mine, so i can, but you know. Anyway, i love your blog for what it is, i think you are AMAZING, i wish we lived closer so badly it's creepy, and i will have you know, BECAUSE OF YOU and your DIY blog, i pulled a chalkboard out of my basement and painted it, roughed the edges and it's in the kitchen :)LOVE THIS!


  7. Oh Sue, I love you so much! And I am heading over to FB to write you a looong message on why I think you should TOTALLY include DIY on your blog. 🙂


  8. Amazing post. Loved it all. I think it's fabulous to be real and show off the good, bad, ugly, normal. It's just YOU and that's so cool.


  9. I love the imperfections too and my house never photographs as beautifully as the "real" DIY bloggers. And I have a terrible time being stuck into blogging groups. I'm a mom, so I often get the Mommy Blogger label, but I don't blog about my kid a bunch. I do a little DIY, but not every single week. I work and have random people-are-stupid work stories. So I usually just call myself a 'slice of life' blogger and leave it at that. Oh, and I'm obsessed with marshmallows. Maybe I can be a "marshmallow" blogger?


  10. I think the key is not comparing myself to anyone else. My friends have had professional interior designers help them and their homes look beautiful but not what I would want. I like plugging along and happily doing things my way. The key for me is not to compare. It's a joy-killer. Thanks for sharing your imperfections, I have similar ones in my house 🙂 Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)


  11. I say do what you love. Don't worry about the others. Whenever I take a picture of food, I feel like my pics are not up to par. But, that is what the food really looks like. When I get disappointed, I just think this is who I really am.


  12. Oh, Kari, I love this post! I find myself feeling blue when I follow the majority of the DIY home decorating / organizing blogs because my home is SO different from theirs. And the money they have to spend on their projects is something I just don't have! I'm glad you posted about the perfect imperfections of your home ad what they mean to you… It makes me realized that, hey, I can post about my inexpensive room re-do and that there are people out there feeling the same way I do. Thank you!!


  13. Ok, now I'm REALLY glad I found you! So real, so honest! Love it!! I am an avid crafter/Do-it-Yourselfer but I (like Sue) feel like I can't include much on my page. I have a tab for a few things I've done, but no one cared, so I haven't added to it! Tried to do a recipe post once, but it didn't get much traffic. I've always been interested in interior decorating, but I'm more of a buy-it-from-the-dollar-store-and-dress-it-up type decorator and it totally WORKS for my home, but I feel like it's not what most people are "looking for" when it comes to DIY/Craft blogs.Anyways! Just wanted to say I love your page already!!! Expect many more comments, lady. 🙂


  14. Marissa- I am so excited you are a new reader! And I wanted to say, I totally think you should show off your DIY projects on your blog! I think your readers would LOVE it. 🙂


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