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First Crush- NaBloPoMo #4

Joules over at Pocketful of Joules (love her, visit her, can’t wait to meet her) asked me what NaBloPoMo stands for.
So I asked my dear friend, Jen, ( love her, visit her, can’t wait to see her again) what it meant and it stands for National Blog Posting Month.
Almost too easy.
Like I walked right into that one.
I hope she is serious and not pulling me leg. (like the Irish lilt?? Only 41 days til St Paddy’s Day! Woop!)
Because I only post honest info on here.
And winning lottery ticket numbers.
Spread the word.
Prompt for today is “tell us about your first crush”.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
Actually, no I don’t.
Because it was, like, almost 30 years ago.
Oh. My. Word.
30 years ago?
Thanks, NaBloPoMo.
In addition to the pressure of pounding out a post a day in the most depressing month of the year, I gotta come to the realization that it has been a whole Kirsten Dunst since I first felt butterflies in my tummy over a boy.
Kirsten Dunst is 30?

Here are the details:- I was in 7th grade (the harshest of grades, in my humble opine)

– he moved to town from New York (don’t all first crushes??)

– he was, in my 7th-grade eyes, beautiful. I am sure I wrote “he is so hotttttttt” in my diary back then

– and I was madly in love with him

So this is how it went down:

– my loud-mouthed (said in the most loving way) friends told his equally loud-mouthed but obnoxious friends on the playground one day that I liked him

– then his most obnoxious friend (Rob. His name is Rob and to this day I will STILL not friend him on Facebook. Jerk) told him lies about me.

Like I was a Menudo fan. LIES, I tell you. LIES

*when I say LIES, I mean TRUTH. Totally obsessed with Menudo in junior high. *

– despite the “LIES”, he asked me if I wanted to “go out” with him.

– squeals ensued until I figured out what “going out” meant.

*going out in 1982= holding hands under the lunch table and talking to each other on the playground*

This is the one thing I do completely remember some 30 years later.
The boy who always, always wore jeans and a tee-shirt to school, wore black dress pants, dress shoes, and a button-down shirt to school on the first day of our “going out”.
It made my 12-year-old heart go pitty-pat.
It made the entire 7th-grade girl’s hearts go pitty-pat.
Even one of the “popular” girls came up to me and said, ” I have never had a boy do that for me”.
Hence the reason she was popular, I guess.
Anyhoo, it made my naïve, 12-year-old, never looked at a boy like that because boys were just for playing basketball with or building forts alongside heart thump pretty hard.

Of course, the next day he was back in jeans and a tee-shirt.
Typical male.
Then after a week, it was over.
I don’t remember who broke it off, I think it might have been mutual or maybe I blocked it out over the years.
But I do remember this:
In 12th grade, he was going to ask me to prom.
At least that was the rumor going around.
Until he found out I had a boyfriend.

Wouldn’t that have been kind of romantic?
To end high school going to prom with my first crush??
Instead, I got to go with my “serious” boyfriend with a mullet.
Oh, wait.
They ALL had mullets back then.

4 thoughts on “First Crush- NaBloPoMo #4”

  1. Love it! Fabulous! And you're obviously super cool because you got to 'go out with' your first crush. I just drooled and doodled from afar. Oh, and my kid kind of has a mullet right now. Not on purpose though, I trimmed it myself in a stealthy bathtime trim (without him noticing) and it grew out. Yeah, we have an appointment at a kiddie salon so that he can get all pretty before his birthday party. Sorry, I think I went off topic…


  2. This is amazing- i love how you write, and the first crush story…oh my…brought back memories:) Mullets were so fine back then…as was it when boys started to grow "tails"…


  3. this is fantastic!! a whole kirsten dunst! (and a whole me– sorry!). I wish my first crush turned out to actually like me back. It wasn't until my junior year in high school did someone reciprocate hahaLive.Lafe.Love.


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