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Pass The Popcorn. Sniff, Sniff- NaBloPoMo # 8

Today’s prompt- Name the most romantic movie of all time


It’s no secret around here that I am not a huge movie theater fan.
I used to be.
I do want to overcome my irrational fear.
I will for my kids, my husband and for my sanity.
But can we wait until the flu season is over, first??
I have a few movies which I feel are the most romantic.
So I will give you my top three in no particular order.

1- Bridges Of Madison County

Maybe a plot centered around an extramarital affair isn’t the most romantic of movies.
But if you have never seen this, please rent it tonight.
I love it more for Meryl Streep’s role.
The whole farm wife, cookin’ food in her farm kitchen, and the beautiful Iowa farm scenes?
It takes me back to my Ohio roots and makes me think of my gramma.
No, my gramma didn’t have an affair but she was a farm wife.
I cry every single time I watch this movie.


2- Return To Me

This movie is a great Chicago movie and again, romantic.
You will want to fly to Chicago, go to the little Irish Italian restaurant in Lincoln Park ( I can guarantee a ton of them) and walk the tree-lined streets with your sweetie after seeing this flick.
And I love love, love Bonnie Hunt.
If you have no idea who I am talking about, you need to watch this now.


3- Serendipity

This is my all-time favorite romantic movie.
It gets confusing at times but trust me, you will love it and it goes by so fast.
Before you know it, you are at the end of the movie.
Soooooo not wanting it to be over.
If you rent or buy one romantic movie this Valentine’s day, please let this be the one.


I will bring the popcorn!
Oh wait, that wouldn’t be very romantic, would it?


3 thoughts on “Pass The Popcorn. Sniff, Sniff- NaBloPoMo # 8”

  1. I haven't seen any of those! Of course now I really want to…except I think I actually just want to eat popcorn more than watch them haha.


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