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Get Down With Your Bad Self- NaBloPoMo #10

Today’s prompt is a free day.
Since I love music, I thought I would list some of my faves as it pertains to all things melodic.
In last week’s People magazine, they had a MasterCard ad with some fill in the blank questions about your favorite songs.
Here is my take on their fill in the blank quiz:

1- Song I listen to with my girls

Anna- Around The Way Girl by LL Cool J

I have this on my iPod and on one of the road trips to my parents’ house, Annie and I were singing this at the top of our lungs.
And making up the lyrics at the end…something about puppies.
You had to be there, I guess.

Ella- Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Ellie has loved this song since she was a baby.
She used to say “Nana Panpakes” when this song would come on and we would dance to it every time it came on.


2 –  _______  was my theme song last summer

Keep Me In Mind by Zac Brown Band

We got to see him in concert for the second time last summer.
This song reminds me of that outdoor concert.
And we played a lot of Zac all summer long.
Perfect summertime music, in my humble opinion.


3- When I hear _________, I have to dance.


Shake It by Metro Station

Every time this comes on, I dance.
I once pulled over to seat dance to this in the car.


4- When we broke up, I listened to _________ on repeat.

These Days by Rascal Flatts

Over and over and over and over.
We were only broken up for six weeks but it felt like an eternity.


5- I always sing __________ at karaoke.

Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice

Oh yeah.


 6- Every time I hear __________, I think of my Dad.

Anything by the Four Tops.
Or any other Motown group.
I love Oldies more than most people my age and that is in part to my dad.
Who I also credit for my love of music.


7- Our Song

God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

So much meaning in this song for us.


8- First Album I Ever Bought-

Loverboy- Get Lucky

And it was indeed an album.
CD’s weren’t even an idea.
And we were only three years past 8 tracks.


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