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Panini’s Are Proof That Carbs Make You Happy. And Smarter.

I have to say, pounding out a post a day is hard.
Like, haaaard.
I am one to stick with things so I will finish out the month…..only 17 more posts!
But I miss only posting once a week, in my set the bar low blogging fashion.
And this weekend was just, eh.
Mid-February is also haaaaard.
We are still 6 whole weeks from “spring”.
I say “spring” because “spring” in Chicago is still like “winter”.
But at least it is official.
And I can start running.
Because I am starting Jillian over since she pulled a Nancy Kerrigan on me last week.
I couldn’t move.
For two days.
Running never did that to me.
If she does it again this week, I am taking her DVD into the driveway and running over it with my car.
“Spring” needs to get here.
On to something that makes me smile.
These sandwiches.
Let me show you my award-winning photo first.

You can actually see the gooey cheese.
See, I don’t have one of the fancy cameras that a lot of bloggers have.
Mine is pretty crappy.


Yes. This is where the magic happens.

This is where the magic happens.
I took this bad picture because I wanted you to see the stain all over my display.
It won’t come off, been on there for months.
But I love this camera because I have had it the longest since I started the blog.
I have had this one for almost a year and a half.
So as ugly as this guy is and as unprofessional as it looks, it takes the best pictures.
But really, doesn’t that Panini look amazing?

I love me a good Panini.
Panera has good ones (the Frontega Chicken is my favorite) and there is a local deli that makes really good sandwiches just five minutes down the road.
But Panini’s are kind of pricey.

Recently, the hubs and I were cashing in rewards points for his bank and had enough points to get many things from a catalog.
So we picked a Panini maker.
Best. Decision. Ever.


So we picked a Panini maker. Best. Decision. Ever.

Sorry for the bad Instagram pictures.
When you are blogging and on a mission, it is much easier for Instagram than taking a picture, upload, etc.
In short?
I am lazy.

So this winter, to make it go a little faster and because we love to eat, we have declared every Saturday afternoon, Panini Saturday.
We don’t really call it that out loud.
But we do eat Panini’s most Saturdays and they are so good.

And I also started making bread in the bread maker Saturday mornings in prep for the Paninis.
I have a speed making setting on my maker and it only takes an hour to make.

Here is our recipe for homemade Panini’s:

thick bread (I use homemade because it is so much cheaper than getting it at the store)

 deli lunch meat (we usually do turkey)

deli cheese (any flavor is good)

Dijon mustard

red onion

you could also use tomato, mayo or anything else you normally like to eat on a sandwich with exception to lettuce. Lettuce isn’t a good Panini ingredient because it wilts.

This is where it can be fun with the kids.
Have them assemble their own sandwiches the way they like it on a plate.
Use your Panini machine according to the instructions.
Basically, you will preheat it and add butter (we use spray butter) to get it ready.
We spray both sides of the Panini with spray butter (or stick margarine) then cook according to the instructions.
Usually only about 5 minutes aside.
Make sure to press down to get the Panini thin.

Now if you don’t have a Panini maker, there are many other ways to create a Panini at home.
You can put your sandwich in a frying pan and use the bottom of another frying pan to press down.
Or you could use a foil-covered brick and press down as well.

See? Panini Saturday is fun!
But you know what?
Margarita Sunday is even better.

3 thoughts on “Panini’s Are Proof That Carbs Make You Happy. And Smarter.”

  1. I had a George Foreman years ago and LOVED that thing.Used it 'til it broke.In half.We even made steaks on it.Maybe that's why it broke in half….And yes, Jillian is a jerk.Are you almost done??


  2. I love Panini's. We eat them all the time in our family. The cheese is the best part! Thanks so much for linking to the Weekend Potluck. We are your newest followers. Have a terrific week!


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