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Ideal Valentines Day? Hmmm…Can You Do My Laundry?? NaBloPoMo # 11

Prompt today- What is the ideal Valentines Day celebration?
Valentine’s day is so much different when you have kids.
Scratch that.
Valentine’s day is so much different when you are married.
There may have been a few Valentine Days that were ruined because “someone” may or may not have forgotten to buy “someone” flowers.
Or a card.
Or say good morning. This is my theory: there is a lot of pressure on Valentines Day.
To woo your significant other.
With flowers.
Dinner out.When it should really be done every single day of the year.
So I will take a husband who puts his family first, takes care of us on many levels, and shows me affection and loyalty 365 days a year than the husband who only does it on February 14th.

But he better not forget a card this year.


This is what my ideal Valentine’s day would look like if money were no object

– workout with a trainer (NOT Jillian Michaels)

– breakfast at Panera (a big fat chocolate muffin, washed down with a big fat hot chocolate while reading a big fat People magazine).

– mani and pedi with my 12-year-old (actually by my 12-year-old, she rocks when it comes to nail polish)

– lunch at Chipotle with my girls (extra sour cream, cheese, and steak please…what?? I worked out!)

– shopping all by myself at IKEA. Carrying another hot chocolate while I shop.

– picnic dinner with the hubs from our fave sandwich place (in my ideal Valentines day, it is also sunny and 65 degrees)

– watching a movie as a family. Preferably not a cartoon one but let’s be honest and real, I have children.


Here is what my actual Valentines day will look like

– panting and gasping as I workout to Jillian’s DVD.

– trying to create those amazing Valentines breakfasts I see all over Pinterest but ending up feeding them Lucky Charms.

– frantically putting together the preschooler’s valentines for class. Then running to the store because we are out of glue, candy, paper, markers…..insert item here. Or forgetting what I signed up to donate to the party and having to run out to get that as well. In 20 degree weather. And sleet. While wearing pajamas. And bed head.

– making a special dinner for the family. Only to have the 5-year-old say, ” I don’t like pasta shaped like hearts. I like regular pasta. Can I go watch Arthur now??”

– have the 12-year-old declare after opening her presents, “oh, I thought I was gonna get those chocolates you got last year. Remember those? Why don’t you remember those? When can I get a phone? Can we go tonight to look at phones?? Why am I the only almost 13-year-old on the planet without a phone???”


Happy Valentines.


3 thoughts on “Ideal Valentines Day? Hmmm…Can You Do My Laundry?? NaBloPoMo # 11”

  1. Fifteen years ago for our first Valentines together I got up at 3am to go to the fish markets before work so I could make him a seafood platter that night. I spent a fortune on loving gifts for him and he bought me jewellery.This year we'll probably do nothing but sit and whinge at how commercial and dumb Valentines Day is whilst squabbling over the last squares of cooking chocolate.Happy Valentines Day!


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