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Picking a Fave Candy Is Like Picking a Fave Child- NaBloPoMo # 12

Today’s prompt- What is your favorite Valentine’s candy?
Just one?
That is silly.
No one has just one favorite when it comes to candy.
I am not ashamed to say that I thought longer and harder on this post than any of the other prompts.
Maybe it’s because I am on a perpetual diet.
Maybe it’s because I like candy.
Maybe it’s because February is a soul-sucking vortex.
Anyway, I don’t have just one favorite.
I have a couple.

!!!!Boring blog post alert!!!!

I am running out of wittiness.
For those that never thought I was witty, to begin with, this will not be a disappointment.

Conversation Hearts

I never liked these as a kid.
If it wasn’t chocolate, it just didn’t show up on my radar.
Except for Blow Pops.
And Big League Chew.
I started liking conversation hearts as a young adult.
Maybe because they are low in calories and they taste good.
Well some of them taste good.
Pssst….purple and orange are the best.
And the little words are cheesy but fun.
Unless you live in a culturally integrated area like I do.
Then you get Spanish Conversation Hearts.
Te Amo.
My kids now know how to speak Spanish thanks to these little gems.
Look at me.
Parenting like a boss.

Chocolates with Caramel. Not Dark Chocolate. Not Fruit Filling. No Peanuts.

I know what you are thinking.
My standards when it comes to candy are a lot higher than when it comes to…well…anything else.
And you would be right on that one.
When a normal person dives into a big heart box of chocolate, they just stuff a piece in their mouth.
When I dive into a big heart box of chocolate?
Sniff, sniff.
Press down on the chocolate.
Open each one.
See, dark chocolate has its place in my world.
For diet snacking and to help with your heart.
When I want to pig out on chocolate, it is milk chocolate all the way.
With a gooey center.
And nothing pink staring back at me.
Or pointy.
Like a nut.
Or a razor blade.

Marshmallow Bunnies

I know this is not Valentine’s candy.
But I won’t be doing this post in March when it is Easter so I am sharing this with you now.
These are so yummy.
Mind-blowing, as it pertains to the chocolate bunny contingent.
When I was little, my mom always, ALWAYS had these in our Easter baskets.
Back then, they had whiskers, a carrot on their little paw and eyes.
I loved that but when they stopped making them like that, it totally changed the taste.
I will still eat them but they aren’t exactly the same.
When I see these at the store, I buy the entire display.
Because they only make them for special holidays and I don’t think Valentine’s day is one of them.
I promise I will be much more interesting come March.


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