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The Reason Pinterest Is My John Cusack- NaBloPoMo #16

I love Pinterest a lot more than I let on.
I joke about it here and there and show you Pinterest-inspired things I have made but I don’t think you realize the importance it holds as it pertains to my life.
Before Pinterest, I was kind of boring.
But now I have inspiration, recipes, and TUTORIALS!
It’s my John Cusack.
Long story short- all through high school until the present, my favorite actor has been John Cusack.
It kind of started with Sixteen Candles and solidified with Better Off Dead but it was Say Anything that cemented my love for him.
My favorite part of the movie is not the famous boombox scene, it is the one where she walks into his kickboxing class and he doesn’t want to forgive her. And he is all bloody and sad and puppy dog eyes.
Ohhhhhh, MY GOD. TAKE ME NOW LLOYD DOBLER.So Pinterest is my John Cusack.I used to do a post every Wednesday about my favorite Pinterest posts but then there was all this legal mumbo-jumbo with posts and then all Uploaded by User started wreaking havoc so I just stopped.
But since I have two “free writing” weekends to fill, this one will be anything and all things Pinterest.
Stay tuned next weekend for a Real Housewives inspired post.
Which may or may not involve a vlog.
That is a video blog.
So I need to lose 5 pounds before next weekend now.Oh, John…..


3 thoughts on “The Reason Pinterest Is My John Cusack- NaBloPoMo #16”

  1. FYI I think Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory sells Apple Pie Caramel Apples. It'll cost you six bucks and NO MESS in the kitchen… and if you need company, I'll go with you. I love those stupid apples.John Cusack, I also love. 🙂


  2. Do you think the lines for the calorie-counting wine glass rub off after a while? I think I'd want them to. Who needs that kind of pressure?


  3. OMG Melisa, WE ARE ON! Thank you Marianne. The more I look at that glass, I hate it. Kind of like fat free anything.


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