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Put The Book Down- NaBloPoMo # 18

Today’s prompt- What is the most romantic book you have ever read?

LaVyrle Spencer’s Bittersweet.All. Day. Long.

I first read this book in the fall of 1991.
Can I first start by saying, I am not good at movie or book reviews.
I try to tell you what it is about without giving it away but it just sounds like a term paper, not a review.
So I will give you the highlights.
A Cliff’s Notes version, if you will.
But please, READ THIS BOOK.

I also feel the need to tell you that I am not a romantic novel type of person.
I don’t like those Harlequin romance type of books.
The kinds of books I most like to read are mystery or chick lit Jennifer Weiner or Emily Gifford type of books.
But LaVerle Spencer’s type of writing is a mix between romance novel and chick lit.
So a little off my course when it comes to books.

Here is what you need to know:

– the setting is Door County, Wisconsin. For those in the Midwest, Door County is like Cape Cod. Beautiful, surrounded by water, romantic, amazing. My husband proposed to me up there. It is magical.

– a woman moves back “home” to Door County and falls back in love with her high school sweetheart.

That’s it.
That’s all I am gonna give you.
There are some cheesy moments in the book but for the most part, it has always been a page turner.
And soooo romantic.
I have re-read this book probably five times since I first read it 22 years ago and it is still so magical.

That’s all I got.
I am tapped out.
Only 10 more posts to go.

6 thoughts on “Put The Book Down- NaBloPoMo # 18”

  1. lol, you built it up so much by saying it was boring, I expected it to just go on and on and on. I would say succinct doesn't quite reach the level of boring. :-)Not a fan of chick lit or romance, so I'll pass, but I'd say for your first try, this is a decent review.


  2. It's always the same, though…the woman (or man) moves back home and then either they fall in love again with an old flame or find a new one. And the new one is usually some sort of builder. I'm not knocking romance, though. In my favorite romance, the two main characters die at the end.


  3. The second I complete the last 10 months of my People Magazines, I'll check this out! Did you know Kate Middleton is PREGNANT? Yeah. I'm behind.


  4. Lori- thank you for that.Jen- just keep writing that on every post, k? Half way done, half way done…..Sue- Audio is so underrated. I would read more if I listened to books. Maria- sounds like an uplifting read. Marianne- yes, yes she is. And her baby "bump" looks like me after lunch. On a good day.


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