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Winter Swap

How was your weekend?
Ours was good, low-key which is always nice.
Our girls had a four-day weekend since it is Presidents Day weekend.
Our oldest had three sleepovers this weekend which ended up being really awesome because we were able to catch up on some movies this weekend.
Old movies.
That I have never seen before.
Long story short?
There are many “classics”….deemed that way by my husband that I have never seen.
And he feels the need to rectify this….rectify, what an ugly word.
So we watched the first of many never seen to me movies this weekend.
Shawshank Redemption.
I know,
And the kicker?
I grew up in an area where it was filmed.
I know,
But I loved this movie, a little too much brutality at times but hey, it’s a prison movie.
And seeing the outdoor scenes brought me back to Ohio all over again.
So one down, a million to go.

I am so excited about today’s post!
Because I got to be a part of a fun blog swap.
Jules over at Pocketful of Joules came up with an idea to have several bloggers put their name in the hat, per se and get to buy another blogger some fun winter gifts under 15 dollars!
Kind of like those fun party gift swaps when we were little.
I loved this idea and said, sign me up!



winter swap button

Here are the details as per Jules website:

Each blogger was randomly matched with a blogger friend. They now have four weeks to do a little shopping and mail out fun and random wintery-themed gift! Once their gift arrives, the bloggers will do their thing and blog about it. Each blogger is going to try to guess who sent their gift, so feel free to play along! Once all the guesses are in, I’ll post a list and the bloggers who guessed right will get bragging rights for being so awesome.

Let me start by saying that this was so much fun to receive and to give.
I got my package in the mail literally 1 week after I got the email letting me know who I was matched up with!
I opened the mailbox and just squealed!!!!

Here is my fun winter swap gift:

I love getting mail!! Especially packages!

I love getting mail!!
Especially packages!


This was the note my "swapper" left in the box!


This was the note my “swapper” left in the box!
Look how pretty!!

Look how pretty!

It was like having a birthday! In January!
It was like having a birthday!
In January!
So here is what I got:


Little notebooks with quotes on them!
Aren’t these cute?
Little notebooks with quotes on them!


Felt Valentine garland!
Felt Valentine garland!


And this candle!
This candle.


Smells amazing.
Every time I have it lit, everyone thinks I am baking something.
So it’s a magic candle as well.
And here is the banner in my home:


And here is the banner in my home:
Can you tell how much I love this from here?
Can you?
Can you tell how much I love this from here? Can you??


And here is my candle lit the first night in its new home.
By the way, this candle is nearly gone now.
Sniff sniff.
And here is my candle lit the first night in its new home.
So here is the exciting part…..what could be more exciting than the above?…… I get to guess from the list below who gave this to me:


  1. Pocketful of Joules
  2. Words for Worms
  3. A Grace Full Life
  4. Baby Shmizz
  5. B(itch) Log
  6. Quirky Chrissy
  7. My Brain on Kids
  8. Diapers or Wine
  9. Chewylicious
  10. Mom-spirational


The first thing I did was go down the list one by one to see where the swapper lived because I had her address on the return label.
I won’t give away the town but it came from Maryland.

I started at the bottom of the list (because I am a rebel like that) with Momspirational.
She has a great blog but I couldn’t get a feel for where she was from.
She seemed like she might send something like the above so the jury was out with her.
And I couldn’t get a feel of how she felt about Peeps.

Then I went to Courtney’s blog Chewylicious.
She is based in DC which could mean she is living in Maryland.
But she is a food blogger so I thought maybe her swap items would be more food-related.
Although there were Peeps in my box.
Not sure a foodie thinks Peeps is a food.
They are, by the way.

On to my blog bestie Sue at Diapers or Wine.
I knew immediately it wasn’t from her because she is from Jersey.
And there would be liquor or meds in the box because she” gets “me.
And we share the exact sarcastic sense of humor.
Although I know she would appreciate the Peeps.
She is definitely a Peeps kind of gal.

My Brain On Kids was up next.
And I was stumped on this one.
Because her blog gives nothing about her location away.
Not even her feeling on Peeps.
But I think she would be definitely in favor of them.
You know.
To replace a meal.


Next was Quirky Chrissy.
This one was easy
She is from Chicago so I knew it wasn’t her since this was from, again, Maryland.
Again, not sure how this became a Peep theme but nothing on her blog to say yeah or nay to them.


Bitch Log was next.
Don’t let her name fool ya.
She is not a bitch.
She likes to “bitch”.
But who doesn’t?
And I really like her.
She is from Chicago but now lives in So Cal.
So I knew it wasn’t from her.
If she had sent me a box, I wish it would be full of sunshine and sand.


Baby Shmizz was next on the list.
I really thought she could be the one who would send me my Peeps.
Until I read that she was a Physician Assistant.
Then I thought, maybe she wouldn’t send them to me.
Because Peeps aren’t a daily food requirement.
And she is one step from being a doctor.
AND she is from NY.
So I had to rule her out.
Almost done!!!

Words For Worms was next.
She is from “central Illinois”.
Knew it wasn’t from her because “central Illinois” isn’t code for “Maryland”.
I think they love Peeps in Central Illinois though.

And then we come to Joules over at Pocketful Of Joules.
You know what I just realized?
“Joules” lives in “Maryland”.
And the box came really early.
Like this person has done this before.
Or might be in charge of something like this.
Or is trying to set an example.
And the box was perfect.
Like the box prepper was a pro.
I even used this box as an example of how to make my box up.
So my guess is Joules!!!!!

If it is you, Joules, I just want you to know I loved it so much.
And it brightened up a cold, snowy winter day here in Chicago.
So thank you!!
And I hope I get to do this again in the spring, summer, fall…..
Can you imagine all the fun Peeps!!


7 thoughts on “Winter Swap”

  1. YOU'RE RIGHT! It was MEEEE! And the peeps were a total clue because I think marshmallows should be a food group. =) The only way they made it into the box instead of into my belly is that I bought myself a pack too…


  2. What a great way to shake the February doldrums! Also, Shawshank is Joe's favorite movie EVER (right up there with Unforgiven). I can recite the entire movie by heart. HEART. It's like I can't even stop myself this week….


  3. Joules- weeeee! What do I win????? 😉 Kelly- lol yes, that counts up here in Chicago too! Sue- I loves ya. You always know the right thing to say! Chrissy- Come on over and we can have a Peeps partay!!Marianne- it was a great movie, my all time fave is The Fugitive.


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