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The Answer Is No. Next! NaBloPoMo # 21

Today’s prompt- Do you think people can live without love?

I already gave my answer in the title.
Now on to something more fun, whaddya say?
Speaking of love here is a very specific list of things that I love OTHER than my family etc..

– Skinny Cow Caramel filled chocolate

– rainy fall and spring days where there is a slight mist and it hovers around the 60-degree range

– Wal-Mart at 7 am on a weekday.

– the flower section at Trader Joe’s

-and the soup guy at Trader Joe’s

– TJ Maxx’s cookware section

– Itunes 69 cent collections…there are some sweet melodies just waiting to be had. That’s where I found Fly To The Angels by Slaughter. Oh yeah.

– Fresh Market’s strawberries. They are like the size of my head. Not kidding.

– Chipotle guacamole. I could eat it with a spoon. I have eaten it with a spoon.

– drinking wine in the driveway with my neighbor. Or the hubs. Or by myself. Whatever. It’s fun.

– marshmallows that are burnt to the point of almost non-recognition

– Special K breakfast sandwiches. I broke into our date night fund just to buy a box because we were out.

–  canned cream of chicken soup with Ritz crackers.

– Ikea’s lowest level


7 thoughts on “The Answer Is No. Next! NaBloPoMo # 21”

  1. Oo…I'd like to try those Special K brekky samiches. I need the deliciousness of a Mcmuffin, but those things are RIDONCULOUS for calories and fat. Also, I will have to try that Skinny Cow treat you mentioned, because sometimes during THE PMS, I will step on heads to get something sweet.


  2. I love TJ Maxx and Trader Joes!And don't even get me started on Chipotle guacamole. I say we find a location halfway between our houses and meet there for lunch.


  3. For as much as we're alike … there's a whole lot of ways that we're NOT alike, apparently! : )~Walmart???Burnt marshmallows???Guacamole???RAIN??? (have you been to Oregon???)You can keep alllllll that! :-)Too funny!Bec


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