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Let’s Talk About ….Whoa Whoa Whoa.. It’s Not THAT Kind Of Blog- NaBloPoMo # 26

Today’s prompt- Do you think sex education should come from the parents, the school, or a mix of both?

I have very strong opinions on this subject.
Because I have met people in my life who learned about sex ONLY from friends at school or health class.
And they had messed up ideas about sex, roles in a sexual relationship or couldn’t even talk about S-E-X without spelling it out.
Seriously? So this is my answer: it needs to start at home.
I had the talk with my daughter at age 10 and a half.
And I was a little late because the kids were already talking about it at school.
If you have a boy?
The boys were talking about it at my daughter’s school starting in 3rd grade!
So we wanted the first information our daughter received about anything to come from us at home.

She is in 7th grade now and has the healthiest attitude about sex and all that goes with it.
Because we don’t snicker when she asks about it.
We don’t make up cute names for vagina and penis.
And we don’t make her feel ashamed for asking about anything.

I also have a great book that I tell everyone about when it comes to talking to your daughter about sex.
The author also has a book for boys, “Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in your Boy”.


This book was a great help for us and it didn’t dumb down sex or how to talk about it with your child.

Was it a little uncomfortable talking about it at first?
You bet.
But I am so glad we did it before the schools or the other kids got to her first.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About ….Whoa Whoa Whoa.. It’s Not THAT Kind Of Blog- NaBloPoMo # 26”

  1. I totally agree with you that this should come from the parents first. I know that the schools do their little talks and videos, but I would never want to send my children in blind to that situation. I think the comfort level when talking about sex with your children often comes down to the individual child's personality. I know my oldest was very private and never asked questions. When I brought it up to her, she didn't want to hear about it. We stuck to the science of it until she was more comfortable. My other kids are open books. They will ask anything with very little discomfort, which actually makes it a lot easier.It's so hard because you don't want them to think of it as dirty or bad, but you also want to scream at the top of your lungs "DON"T DO IT!"


  2. Dammit – I was thinking of a whole post in response to the new CPS decree that sex ed is going to start in like kindergarten. Now you went and stole my thunder and wrote something funnier than I could come up with. Jerky. Fine…back to my draft post on Blair from the Facts of Life and why they killed off the season one cast.


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