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Kickin’ Us Outta February!!!!! NaBloPoMo #28

Today’s prompt- when do you feel sexiest?
You know what tomorrow is?
Tomorrow is March.
You know what that means, don’t you?
It’s not February anymore.
You know what that means, don’t you?
That winter will be “officially over” in 20 days.
You know what that means if you live in Chicago or the Midwest, don’t you?
BUT, on the bright side, it’s no longer February.
So in typical slacker Kari fashion, I will not be following the prompt.
No sirree.
On Facebook, I mentioned to some of my friends that I was gonna “send NaBloPoMo out with a bang”.
And then it got dirty and after back and forth banter,  I said I was gonna name my “next” book Birds, Broads and Booze.
Umm to have a “next” book, you gotta have a “first” book.
Then I immediately regretted writing that because I knew they would be expecting something big.
My think tank is empty.

So let’s wrap up a month of writing with everything I wrote about from day 1 to today.
In one sentence each day synopsis.

Day 1- I compared my reasoning for telling my family I love you daily to a bad country song.

Day 2- I admitted that my 25 before my 25th list sucked. Big time.

Day 3- I gave you two things to make your February go fast-ish.

Day 4- I spilled the beans about my first crush. And how I no longer like Kirsten Dunst.

Day 5- I let you know how five prepubescent Puerto Ricans can make a 12-year old’s heart go pitty-pat.

Day 6- I told you a “secret”.  And I said “naked” in a blog title. Google searches everywhere to change this blog.

Day 7- I let you in on how cheese fries and a Redcard can make for a great date night.

Day 8- I gave some movie suggestions that your significant other will hate but you will love.

Day 9- I won a major award and passed it on to a few of my friends.

Day 10- I shared my love of music. And how a little LL Cool J can help you bond with your daughter.

Day 11- I gave my ideal Valentine scenario. And you promised to do my laundry.

Day 12- I told you my fave Valentine candy. Except one was Easter.

Day 13- I sent you a dirty Valentine. And you liked it.

Day 14- I started getting snarky about NaBloPoMo. And took it out in a blog post.

Day 15- I told you about my actual Valentine’s day. And it was a happy ending. Get your mind outta the gutter.

Day 16- I told you about my not so secret crush. On John Cusack. And Pinterest. Not necessarily in that order.

Day 17- I entertained you with some of my favorite funny pins. And how I am not above potty humor.

Day 18 – I told you about my favorite book. And it was as boring as this little blurb.

Day 19- I got all deep and stuff on ya. And went on about my prereq’s for nursing.

Day 20- I got really really tired of blogging about prompts and went another direction. And told you about some awesome bloggers in the process.

Day 21- I was starting to get angry…one of the many stages of NaBloPoMo….and told you some of my favorite things. I forgot one. The smell of burning leaves. See? I can’t.stop.blogging.

Day 22- I told Target to bite me.

Day 23- I showed you what my Real Housewives tagline was. And I let you see my Santa jammie pants. And bed head. And it inspired me to get my highlights done this week.

Day 24- I hit rock bottom.

Day 25- I admitted I was sexy. And admitting it is the first step.

Day 26- I had “the talk” with you.

Day 27- I shared two giveaways with you. Because I am a giver.


And here we are.
At the end.
Of a journey that I am not yet sure I am glad I went on.
I also had no idea what I was in for when I signed up.
One of my friends, Jeanette, said something to the effect of writing more will in the process make you like writing a lot more.
She worded that so much better than I just did.
But she was right.
Yes, at times I dreaded coming up with something new to write about every day but on the other hand, I liked having this to look forward to.
I enjoy talking to all of you with each post I write and in a weird way, I felt more connected to all of you in the process.
AND it actually made February go faster for me.
So thank you, Jen, for this little “gift” of writing.
And now she and I have a Girls Night Out waiting for us with some free drinks with our great blogging posse.

Come on, admit it.
You’re gonna miss me.
I didn’t think so.


6 thoughts on “Kickin’ Us Outta February!!!!! NaBloPoMo #28”

  1. Did I just hear that I was right! Bang! That's going out with a bang. It's a good challenge, isn't it? You totally deserve drinks now. I bet it will feel weird for you to not be posting every day now…


  2. I'm not sure if I've ever commented, but I read your blog regularly and wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your prompts this month. So if I've never posted before, sorry for being a creeper! And I have…then you know….here's another one. Good job on a productive blog month!


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