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“Those Aren’t Pillows!” Decorative Pillows on a Budget

If you recognize the above quote, we are soul mates.
I will give you a hint….it’s from a John Hughes movie.
We all know I am cheap.
Like, really cheap.
I need to be cheap out of necessity but even if I were a bazillionaire?
Still, it would be cheap.
The fact that I would make up a word like bazillionaire proves I will never live a life of luxury.
For example, decorative pillows?
I hate spending money on them.
So my kids can destroy them with food stains, bodily function stains, smashing them beyond recognition to get just the right position to make a comfy headrest, using them for a table when having a dolly tea party, makeup stains…you get the picture.
Even dropping 10 -15 bucks on one pillow at Target, Kohl’s and the like is really, really hard on me.
I may or may not have whispered to said pillows in the past…I am so sorry for the house you are coming into.
Until I recently figured out how to “make” my own pillows!
I say “make” because I am not in any way sewing or creating this myself.
I got help.
From Hobby Lobby.Funny side story.
Another blogger (in the DIY realm, I forget who) blogged about these great curtains she got at Hobby Lobby.
To which I replied (via the comment box on her blog) something to the effect of…”wow, YOUR Hobby Lobby has curtains?? I am sooooo jealous!!”
Our Hobby Lobby does have curtains.
Always has.
Why did I not know this?
Because it is in the sewing/fabric area.
AKA the “invisible to Kari” area of Hobby Lobby because I don’t sew.
Or even go to that remote area of the store.
When I went back to this area two weeks ago I was all…..
Wooooooowwwww! Look at all the fabrics and stuffing and cool ricrac!!!
When did all this get here???? 
I ventured to this area of the store because a few weeks ago I had washed the pillow covers that came with our red couch we bought years ago and when I went to put the stuffing back in, it seemed a little lumpier.
And just sad.
So cheap Kari said I know! I will get that pillow stuffing stuff….there is a name….and add stuffing to it!
That will work! Then while I was walking down the aisle carrying my two big bags of pillow stuffing stuff, I saw this. 

Decorative pillow cases. Or as people who don't sew call it, something I can "sew"!!!!

Decorative pillowcases.


Cue the heavenly harp music.
Or as people who don’t sew call it, something I can “sew”!!!!

I love the chevron trend.
But I get on trends on the tail end of the said trend.
NEVER when it is trendy.
ALWAYS when it is on its way out.
Probably why I found these puppies for only $6.99 each LESS 50 % off.

So I scooped them up fast.
I even looked around wondering why there wasn’t a swarm of people around.
Don’t they know that you can make pillows without….gasp….sewing?????
AND in a chevron print???
Why am I the only one getting this excited????

I went home and worked on these immediately.

First, you will need this:


It's called "poly fil". And apparently the best way to photograph it is upside down. Pass it on.

It’s called “poly-fil”.
And apparently, the best way to photograph it is upside down.
Pass it on.

Here is the step by step process:

– open the package of poly-fil

– open the package of pillow covers

– you may want to iron your pillow covers but my standards are low and since the pillows will more than likely be attacked by my children (see above), I didn’t iron. Your choice.

– stuff each pillow cover with the poly-fil

– zip up the pillows

And here, my friends, is what you will have:

See that pillow up there? Yeah. I "made" it.

See that pillow up there?
I “made” it.

I have a chevron pillow!!

I have a chevron pillow!!
I must offer a disclaimer.
The material feels a little like burlap but without the shedding of burlap.
So not a cozy pillow you will want to snuggle with but rather a decorative pillow.
But my theory was that the scratchier the pillow, the less likely the kids will ruin use it.
Uh no.
These pillows were attending a “campout” with every stuffed animal in the house and I think a few that live a couple of doors down within an hour of me making them.
Theory destroyed.


So I spent $6.99 for both pillow covers as they were 50 % off on sale.


So I spent $6.99 for both pillow covers as they were 50 % off on sale.
And $3.48 for two bags of polyfill ( they were 2.99 each BUT I had a 40% off one regular price item) making one of the bags $1.74 for a grand total of $10.47 for both pillows!


Decorative pillows for a little over 5 bucks each!

Decorative pillows for a little over 5 bucks each!
Cheap me is so proud.
Who knew I could “sew”.

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20 thoughts on ““Those Aren’t Pillows!” Decorative Pillows on a Budget”

  1. I didn't know they had pillow covers at Hob Lob, either. And these are cute! Might have to check it out…and yes, I have pillow destroyers at my house too, so ours need to be functional…


  2. I adore the chevron print – especially the scalloped edges on them instead of straight ones! Two pillows for only $10? You're a rock star! We are on a super tight budget in our house too. Maybe I can save enough pennies to make my own pillows too! Although my closest Hobby Lobby is 30 miles away (sad face).


  3. I have passed by these pillow cases a dozen times at Hobby Lobby. I think they look great – you did an excellent job "sewing" them!


  4. Rustown Mom- I am so glad I am not alone…and the section is in the back of the store. But I am sure you already knew that. 😉 Jenn- OMG 30 miles?? Mine is 2 miles and now I am even more embarassed that it took me this long to figure out the pillow situation! 😉 Kristi- Aww thank you! I always knew I could "sew"!Chandel- ding, ding, ding!!! You win!!! Thanks for picking up on that! Lizzy- Ok I need to be more appreciative of my Hob Lob…..I can pick something up for you the next time I am in? 🙂 Marianne- Ohhhh you make me laugh. 🙂


  5. What a great idea! I never would have thought about making pillows this way. I sure do hope chevron stays around for awhile, I am really starting to love it!


  6. Okay….I need those pillow covers! Which section of Hobby Lobby did you get them in?Thanks so much for inspiring me today!kariannePS Can't wait to meet you at the Mid-west Meet-up!


  7. Love these, so cute! And yes, it totally counts as sewing and whenever they get all smushed and empty looking you can just throw in another fistful of stuffing and they're new again! =)BTW, I am a freak and it's totally driving me crazy that your zigzags are going up and down, rather than side to side. But maybe that's how your making them FRESH and NEW and totally cooler than all the other lame chevron's…!


  8. not to one-up your cheapness – but goodwill oftern has DOWN pillows you can take the covers off of and re-use… those are the really expensive ones I never want to buy, but will happily recycle!so Now I 'm heading to hobby lobby to buy one of the cool covers you've just turned me onto, becasue I'll prob never get around to makeing a new cover for my $2 goodwill down pillow insert.Blessings!


  9. sewing is actually easier than one might think. Pillows would have been a great starting project too! (straight lines)


  10. Well knock me off my bar stool. I had no idea there were such things as ZIPPERED ready made pillow covers that all one has to do is stuff with – well, pillow-stuffing stuff. Oh yeah, like you said — poly-fil. Hmmm… Only goes to show, you learn something new every day, if your eyes are open. Loved your post, made me laugh out loud and that's not easy to do. Great pillows too, by the way. I'm visiting from The Sabby Nest Frugal Friday.


  11. AWESOME. BTW – I think I have visited here before, but I rediscovered your blog today via a "top 10 home decor blogs" page! I just discovered these pillow covers myself only last week when I went to Hobby Lobby for fabric to make no-sew shades. And I too did a little happy dance in my head over them. But I never thought to stuff them will poly-fil instead of using a pillow insert. That's a great idea!


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