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When Life Hands You Cheap Lemons- Dollar Tree Spring Wreath

How to make a wreath out of only Dollar Tree items

This craft was out of necessity.
Because I had no real spring wreath in my home.
Not that I needed one but wouldn’t it be nice to have one?
And not pay more than 10 bucks for it?
Even the crappy fake flower wreaths at CVS were 20 bucks.

So I was on a mission.
To create a cool spring wreath that wouldn’t make me gag when I went to fork over the money for it.
And one that I would love to look at each day.
Think I could do it?

Here is what I gathered at my local Dollar Tree:


– one small floral foam wreath
– three packages of fake mini lemons

Then I went to my basement craft cemetery and found some old burlap.
I got this stuff back in 2010 at Hobby Lobby and have used it for so many projects.
Best six dollars I ever spent.

Here is what my table looks like when I go through a “craft explosion”.
Meaning, I think of four different projects at once.
I can go through a project draught that lasts six months and then suddenly…boom!….I get these ideas.
All. At. Once.

So take the burlap, cut it into strips (they don’t have to be even ….perfect for low standard me) and start wrapping the burlap around the foam wreath and glue with a hot glue gun.
The shorter the strips, the easier it is to wrap around and you won’t have big gaps in the burlap.
And repeat until it looks like this:

You don’t want it to look perfect.
So if there are stragglers and loose ends?
Burlap is supposed to be rustic.
Not hospital corners perfect.


Until it looks like this:

Gluing the lemons took me about 5 minutes.
The burlap, probably 10 minutes.
So not only a cheap project but one you can finish in less than a half hour.
It actually only took me 20 minutes from start to finish.
And here is the big reveal!



See my daughter’s soccer sock hanging out of her soccer bag?
You are welcome.
For keeping it real.


The felt ricrac is from Michael’s.
I got it this summer for 80% off.
I spent maybe 25 cents on it.


I just hot glued the seams together to create a hanger.

I still don’t know how I feel about that color ricrac with the lemons and the burlap.
I wanted off-white but didn’t have off-white so worked with what I had.
What do you think?


The cost to make:

– three bags of mini lemons (it took almost all three bags….I had 2 mini lemons left) – 3.00

– one small floral wreath form (this was the only size they had at my Dollar Tree) – 1.00

– burlap (already had from 2010 but it cost me 6 bucks for a yard, I believe when it was on sale)

– ricrac (or ribbon. I would use ribbon if I could re-do this) 25 cents

The total cost to make this spring wreath = $4.25

Dollar Tree does it again.
But don’t expect another craft for two more years.

Head here for my favorite Dollar Tree crafts!


21 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Cheap Lemons- Dollar Tree Spring Wreath”

  1. Yes, this weather is for the birds. Almost makes me nervous for the summer. I love making wreaths, have yet to incorporate any type of food item. Great idea!


  2. Love the pop of yellow on these cold winter advisory days in march (feels like -12 up here!). Super cute wreath… Hopefully I can make it to the dollar tree after work today!


  3. You're so crafty. I wish I could be. I don't have one crafty bone in my body. Love the spring wreath.


  4. I was feeling all bitter & anti-crafty until I saw that soccer sock. Thank you for that. (: Seriously – awesome job!


  5. Very cute! It definitely doesn't look like a dollar store craft to me 🙂 Love the burlap, too. I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!


  6. Angelina- thank you!Laila- thanks! I seem to incorporate food into EVERYTHING I do! That might be why I can't lose those last 5 pounds…..Lizzy- it is that cold here in Chicago….sigh. TTHE- I think you are selling yourself short. Or tall. I know you could do it. 🙂 Marianne- I left that there for you, my friend. Lauren- thank you!


  7. I LOVE!!! I haven't made a wreath in like 10 years (basically the last time i had 2 kids and they both napped) and i want to do it! You're amazing:)


  8. I haven't EVER made a wreath and I have 3 less children than you, so YOU ROCK! Loves ya my dear friend!


  9. Thanks so much for sharing your post at our linky party this week!What a cool idea. Love the pop of blue!xo


  10. A very quick and cute craft, just like I love them! I haven’t been to a dollar tree in ages, but only because I live in Europe and until the summer I won’t have the chance to go, but I have a list already! These lemons will go on it too! Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration this weekend!


    1. I live five minutes from a Dollar Tree and don’t go but maybe once a month. But it is good to know it’s there.
      That list you have is going to be mighty long by summer!


  11. That’s very cheery Kari! I would love looking at a bright yellow wreath like it every day. Does the hot glue stick to styrofoam pretty good? Just wondering. My Dollar Tree stores around here never have the cute things in them that other bloggers seem to find, LOL.


    1. Yes it does! I’ve actually made wreaths out of straw and styrofoam. I would say the straw holds much nicer but they both work well.
      So I am with you on that because my local store doesn’t have anything anymore either. BUT there is a great one about 15 minutes away that is even better. So there are better Dollar Tree’s than others. You, unfortunately, have a dud store like I do. 😦


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