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Painting Our Front Door or How I Now Need a Liquor License


This weekend was jam-packed.
Like a suitcase overstuffed.
And I was the proverbial person sitting on top of the suitcase trying to jam everything in.

First of all, it was beautiful weather here from Friday to Sunday.
Like, 65-70 degrees and sunny beautiful.
So of course, we were outside
This is what we do in the Midwest.
When the weather is nice, we all run outside and stay outside until it gets not so nice.
Because we know it won’t last.

Add in a soccer game, weed pulling, a door project, a neighborhood bonfire with 20 + adults and children, a birthday (that would be me!!!), a mini trip to Wisconsin and a massage (that would be for me!!!!), it was crazy busy.
So busy that we didn’t even have time to frost or eat my birthday cake.
So Ellie frosted it this morning and we ate it for breakfast.


Painting a front door green

Our front door?
It needed some updating.
The houses in our neighborhood primarily have three different color doors: black, white and burgundy.
I gotta think that those were the only choices people had when they were building these homes.
Or else people just didn’t want to go outside the box in terms of door color.
I have seen blue and brown doors sprinkled in here and there but mostly just the above.

Of course, I wanted to shake things up a bit.
I have stared at the same front door color for eight years and burgundy wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.
Plus it had paint scrapes, chips, dings and it was just looking, blah.

First off, let me credit Emily Clark for this picture. Pinterest has made it ridiculous to embed a picture anymore. It took me ten precious minutes before I finally gave up. So go to Emily’s blog, she is a designer and has amazing taste.

Let me back up.
This whole project started with this innocent little picture I found on Pinterest last October:

I saw the color above and had such a reaction to it immediately, I knew I wanted it in my home.
Like yesterday.
Isn’t it an amazing green??
And I literally wrote underneath the pin, “I want to paint a door in my house this green. Maybe my outside front door?”
The color is called “Paradise” by Sherwin Williams.

I pinned this last fall after I painted the interior doors black here:


Interior black front door

See that cord there?
It makes me nervous.

Anyway, I had all this courage leftover from painting those doors black that I thought I would try the exterior door.
But it was getting cold and I didn’t want to start it until it warmed up again.
Enter April 26th.
Yes, folks, that is the first warm day of the year in these parts.

Here is what our door looked like to provoke me into painting it in the first place:

Front exterior door

Do you see the dings and scrapes?


Burgundy front door

Someone was my shadow that day.

And please notice the stocking cap on.
In April.
The last week of April.


Ugly burgundy front door
So it wasn’t a horrible color or anything, I was just over it.
And it really needed to be painted anyway because it was really bad and the front door is the first thing people see when they enter your home.
Why greet them with “Hi, see these scrapes and dings? Yeah, this is just a teaser for what you are in for. Enjoy your visit and I hope you aren’t wearing white pants.”
When I could greet them with “Hi! My front door leads you to believe that the rest of my house is painted immaculately. Look closely. It’s all a ruse. Enjoy your visit!”

The first step in my plan?

Go to my local Sherwin Williams and get a swatch of this lovely color I was intending to paint.
I do feel a little guilty going in, asking for the color swatch and then ditching them to buy it cheaper somewhere else.
I have a feeling they get this a lot but I still get a tinge of guilt.
Which goes away as soon as I realize how much money I save when I buy it at a home improvement center.
I then went to Home Depot and worked with the handy fella there in finding me the right paint for this project.
I didn’t see his name on his shirt.
So we can call him Hayward.
For the sake of this post.
I told Hayward this:
– I need paint for the exterior of the front door.
– It has a storm door in front of it.
– I have kids. Who slam this door, put their hands on this door, kick soccer balls that randomly fly and hit this front door, that take their hands with a mixture of bubbles and chalk and write love notes to us on this door.
-I don’t love to paint so I am looking for something I don’t have to paint more than two coats of.
So Hayward pointed me towards this:
Marquee paint by Behr
It just came into the stores on Monday.
And I came in on Friday.
I think so.
 By the way, I am not being paid by HD or Behr.
I should be but I am sadly not.
This stuff isn’t cheap.
It was 20 bucks for this small can.
BUT I did not have to purchase primer so that the paint would have cost me 20 dollars.
This paint is dirt resistant, stain-resistant and blocks UV rays.

So basically, the superhero of exterior paints.

Then I bought these tools to help me with my job as per the suggestion of Hayward.

painting supplies

A small roller (for most of the door) and a small paintbrush (for around the doorknob, deadbolt and the panels of the door).

Then after some taping, I got started!

My tween helping paint our front door
I should say “we” got started.
My 13-year-old just got off the bus when I was starting and wanted to help.
I love her so much.
It should also be noted that said 13-year-old BEGGED me not to paint the front door green.
And I quote, “Ewww Mom that is gonna be ugly”.
No faith in me.


Anna helping paint our front door

Then after a coat, she loved it.
She was all, “wow that looks so cool“.
Now you are on my side.
By the way, I did some painting too.
She just got all the glory.


in the process of painting our front door


When it first went on, it looked a little more Kermit green.

And less interior decorator green.

And when I took pictures on my phone to show family and friends, it looked more St Patrick’s Day than Summer Day.
In fact, one of my blogger friends likened it to a pub in Chicago.
That I guess has a green door.
I likened it to an Irish pub.
Which wouldn’t be at all inappropriate?
I am part Irish.
The husband is ALL Irish.
We do like to kick one back now and then
And our house is full of merriment.
Here and there.
Maybe more there than here.


So I went to bed that night knowing I liked it but that it definitely needed a second coat of paint. And was also a little concerned a drunken Irishman would stumble into my foyer.

Here is what it looked like after the second coat the next morning:
painting green door
It was finally starting to look like Pinterest’s inspiration!!


painting green front door
There is that pretty sun we had all weekend shining on my brand new door!!
And here it is.
Our new door.
Brand new and improved.
Better than ever.


new green front door
What’s that, you say?
It’s looking all spring up in here??
Yes, it is.


A Grace Full Life Green front door
My daughter said, “wow, our house looks trendy“.
I still don’t know how I feel about that comment.


Flowers on green front door
Come on in!!!
The bar is on the left!!!
No, no it’s not.
Just another Irish pub joke.
I will stop now.


Green front door

It makes our plain old off-white house pop.
I had so many comments on this door just in the past 48 hours.
All good.
I swear.


Love our new front door

Even guys were making comments about the door and they usually don’t even notice stuff like that.


Our new green front door
I love how it looks in the mirror in the living room!


Green front door in mirror
Look at my spring door!!!!
The total cost to makeover my door?
That includes brushes and paint.
Not a bad investment, I would say.
Here is the before and after side by side.
Before and after front door
And the outside view:
Before and after front door
Here are the details:
Paint- Marquee by Behr- 20.00 at Home Depot

Paint color- Paradise by Sherwin Williams

                Small roller for smooth surfaces and a small-medium regular brush. The roller cost four dollars and some change; the brush cost about $5.00.
Tip- For a drop cloth I used a ripped up trash bag. It did the trick and just threw it away when I was done!
Also, make sure you use some sort of tray for your paint.
Total time for this project- I started the first coat while the youngest was at school and it took about 30 minutes to coat the entire door with the first coat. I finished the next morning and took about 20 minutes for the second coat.
So less than an hour to transform the front door!
Whew! Off to get a drink at the bar!!
Never gets old……

26 thoughts on “Painting Our Front Door or How I Now Need a Liquor License”

  1. Love the new color! So much more 2013. =) I'm on the 'paint my door' bandwagon too but I keep changing my mind about the color. I'll commit one of these days though! Until then, I'll live vicariously though your pretty green door.


    1. Thank you! I was a little afraid.of making the statement at.first but too shirt to have an underwhelming door. I should sew that on a pillow. 😉


    2. Good heavens. Autocorrect is the bane of my existence. Although that sentence could have gone A LOT worse…


  2. The fact that you had birthday cake for breakfast makes me love you even more.I love your door and your irish pub references.And I'll take a margarita, with salt. Thanks.


    1. Cake and pizza for breakfast are two of my guilty pleasures!!I will buy you that rita the next time we go out!


  3. This is SO SO SO perfect and beautiful and cheery! You are amazing. AMAZING. I need cheer, darnit. Maybe i'll paint one of my kids green.


  4. I LOVE your door! I have told my hubby many many times about you and your blog. Rest assured that I will be talking about this at lunch today! You did a fabulous job with picking the color and I really appreciate the info on the new Behr paint.I hope you had a very happy birthday!


    1. Aww tell your hubs I am sorry in advance. ……for all the projects I am inspiring. 😉


  5. I LOVE THIS!!! You are one ballsy chic to paint your door that color. It rocks!PS – How about green is the color of MONEY and you are manifesting it in to your home???


  6. Oh, I love the door! Green is my favorite color, after all! I door is still the primed white – they way we purchased it. Unsure if what color to paint it…I may have to show the hubs your beautiful green door an do something similar. And, birthday cake for breakfast? Sounds amazing (and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).


  7. I love green! You are right, it looks great in the reflection in the mirror. I've been going back & forth between green & blue for my front door. I love Emily's green door too!


  8. Love this and your blog! I would love to have you come and share this at my link party that is just up and going! Come join us! We would love to have you at


  9. My husband is the creator of "Let's Go Home" and I'm so glad you're contributing to the app because I love your blog. Your voice and style is my cup of tea. Or Irish Whiskey, as may be more appropriate 😉


  10. I really want to paint my front door a fun color, but with light yellow siding and dark green shutters, I am having a hard time choosing something to match


    1. That IS a hard one but a pop of color on a front door is the new neutral, if that makes any sense.
      Maybe a different shade of yellow, like a mustard?
      Let me know what you decide as I am now itching to paint MY front door again.


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