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“Where Are They Now?” How is my “Stuff” Standing the Test of Time


We need to have an intervention.
With the weather.
In Chicago.
Maybe it’s like this near you?
This has been our weather for the past 48 hours:

Humid and hot; rain; sun showers; thunder sun; drop in temperature; lightning; wind; colder.
We are very blessed that we didn’t have tornadoes to contend with, my heart goes out to Oklahoma yet again and to the rest of the Midwest who had to deal with nasty weather.
But seriously, what is going on?
Is there something we don’t know?
Is summer not happening this year?
Because I didn’t get the memo.
Or the meme.
What is a meme, by the way?
Should I know this?
I should, I am a blogger, I should know this.
You can read about how I made some other bloggers mad here.
By the way, it’s tip number 3 that is in question, so you don’t have to read the entire thing.
You’re welcome.
Do you ever notice that a lot of DIY blogs show off these awesome projects then you never see them again?
I have a theory.
Some of those “projects” are created just for the blog.
Don’t tell anyone, it will be our little secret!
I am guilty as all get out of this one too, so I am not throwing anyone under the bus.
So please don’t send me a nasty email or comment.
I used to do this more at the beginning of this blog because I needed “content”.
Then I went through an “awakening” if you will and stopped doing that.
Because I realized that I didn’t have to always have a cool project to keep you reading this blog.
And you would seriously start to get a little hangry (hungry + angry……I am always hungry so I figured you must be too. 
You know.
Because we are so much alike.
I don’t have time to be that creative.
Or an assistant who does it for me.
So I decided to go down memory lane and revisit some old projects and see (good and bad) how they are hanging in there.
Don’t judge me.
I am bearing my soul to you today.
And an embarrassing nip slips as well.
That’s just a euphemism.


Dollar Tree Glass Holder    September 2011

The idea for this came to me when I was walking the craft aisle at my local Dollar Tree.
I had seen these cool jar containers on Pinterest and thought I could make something like those only a lot cheaper.
These babies only cost me two dollars to make for each one.
I never thought these would take off the way they have.
I have Pinterest to thank for sending these blasting through the internet.
To this day, I have had 8500 page views for this blog post ALONE.
So where is this blog superstar now?


On the crapper.
Holding fuzzy green rocks.
I know.
I couldn’t make this stuff up!
I made two of these bad boys back in 2011 but broke one of them two Christmases ago while decorating.
Then I went back to Dollar Tree to find the supplies to make a replacement and couldn’t find either item.
I STILL can’t find either item.
At the three different Dollar Tree’s I shopped at.
So if you want to make this craft today, I really hope your Dollar Tree has these items.
Otherwise, this craft is considered…..gasp…..obsolete!


Master Bath Makeover              October 2012



It started with a Monistat container on my counter.
And ended up with an amazing reveal that cost me less than 250 dollars.
This was for everything from flooring, new shower curtain and paint to new light and sink fixtures.
So what does it look like now?



Pretty much the same.
I mean, I had the same crappy bathroom for seven years, I am pretty sure there will be no changes for the rest of the time we live here.
Just calling it like I see it.



I did add this little stain glass window art that used to be in our kitchen.
I love it in here so much more, I feel like it makes it look farmhouse-y.
And really, who doesn’t love a farmhouse potty?



Old Kitchen Table Makeover                   March 2012

This was a labor of love.
I took an old kitchen table and turned it into a desk space for our family to work on the computer and do homework.
It only took me a week to refinish this from sanding, painting and lacquer finish.
And I loved how it turned out!
So where is this table now?


Oh yes.
Ohhhhh yesss.
This is what happens when you aren’t a professional.
This is what happens when you are an idiot.
That is it.
The paint on the edges is slowly coming off.
So I did what I do best.
Worked with what I had……..


……… I flipped the entire table around so that the printer and cords hid the scuff marks.
Awww yeah.
You are starting to realize that I am the least “Grace-Full” person you will ever meet, right?
Hey, I could have hidden this from you but I am all about transparency.
Which is obvious by how much of the old table you can see through the craptastic paint job I did.



Wedding Vow Sign        May 2011

This was my first real big girl blog project.
My first “aha” project, if you will.
I had an old entertainment center door in our basement and was going to give it away to Goodwill.
Until I had an inspiring moment via my then blog hero and now friend, Bec at Little Lucy Lu.
Is it still a focal point?


It is in the same place as it was the day we placed it up there.
In fact, it hasn’t physically moved since that May day in 2011.
And yes, I have dusted up there since.
A couple of times.
Or once.















Rascal Flatts Artwork   August 2011

I love this piece of artwork that I created with “our song’s” lyrics.
And it cost me almost nothing to make.
Is it still a part of our lives?


Fer sure.
This hasn’t moved anywhere either in the two years since we put it up here.
It is perfect for this room and everyone asks about this when they come in here for the first time.


There is the remote!
This is actually clean.
I cropped this picture.
What you don’t see going’ on is a lunch “picnic” with food scraps on a blanket, a basket of laundry and ten pairs of shoes.
Bless the broken road indeed.



Rolling Kitchen Island    April 2012


I found this great rolling cart at Goodwill and turned it into something pretty cool.
A funky, industrial kitchen island.
That was possessed.
By Timmy.
Did it make the cut?


Sad trombone.
This is my basement storage area.
Poor Timmy didn’t see what hit him.
I feel so sad about this because I really love this redo and am desperately looking for a new home for him.
I do bring him out for parties and used him as a beverage cart at my last big party in December.
But to keep him in our kitchen day-to-day, there just isn’t enough room.
So I am not saying goodbye to Timmy yet.
He still has lots of life in him, I just need to find him the right spot.
Or Lassie.
You younger readers won’t get that.
And that’s OKAY. 


Kitchen Table Chairs        April 2012 (apparently, I was very busy last April)

I had these roadside kitchen chairs (yes, found these along the road) that were black and I wanted to lighten up our kitchen.
So I decided to paint them.
How are they doing today?


Still loving on these chairs.
And I am so glad I went with off-white.

They are starting to look at little shabby chic.
That’s OKAY, we have kids.
Alright, I can’t totally blame the kids, we are probably to blame for this too.
We sit on these chairs every night for dinner and so the black paint is showing through because these chairs are well-loved and well used.
Yes. I will go with that.
It’s all good because it looks kinda cool.
I meant to do this.
That’s what I will say.
So now that I have shown you my “dirty little secrets”, do you still love me?
Yes, but will you let me paint anything in your home?
Smaaaaart person.


6 thoughts on ““Where Are They Now?” How is my “Stuff” Standing the Test of Time”

  1. I've always suspected that many projects on blogs are done for the blogs and not for real life. I'm always disappointed by that. I love your authenticity!! Your projects all still look great. Personally I like chippy paint, so I say go with it! ~Angela~


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! When we were in Chicago last week it was colder than when we were there last October! I agree, what's up?(Of course it's no better here in Ohio :)Susan


  3. I love the honesty in this post! I think the roadside chairs post wast first visit to your blog… And I think they still look great!And, I'm with you on the whole weather thing. Minneapolis and Chicago are sounding rather similar…


  4. Susan- The Midwest is hurting for nice weather! Hope it turns nicer soon! Aww Lizzy, thank you for this. And give that baby a squeeze. 🙂


  5. I remember some of those! You have a flair… my mum always was repurposing things when I was a kid, I've done a little of that myself… Thanks for sharing on the Hump Day Hook Up


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