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I “Know” People

I wish I could express to you how much I love blogging and on so many levels.
It is such a great release for me.
To spew out my emotions on a blank white page every week is so therapeutic.
I am not rich by any means, but I have gotten so many amazing perks from products to test driving cars to conferences where I can see people I have talked to virtually for years in person.
And the people.
These amazing peeps I can call friends.
This is the biggest perk of blogging.
I wish I could show you the love I feel for these women.
I do, I wish I could convey it better on a white screen than just saying, “they are amazeballs” or “they rock my world”.
It just doesn’t seem descriptive enough of the friendships I have formed over the past three years, but particularly in the last year.
I met Marianne back in December at a Coca-Cola blogging event but I didn’t get to really talk to her until day two of the two-day event.
Which utterly sucked.
Because she was funny.
And fun.
And cool.
I would have sucked her into my vortex immediately upon meeting her.
Maybe she is lucky she met me on the second day.
I loved her instantly.
She is hilarious, self-deprecating (just like me), and
Oh, and dainty.
So after talking with her for all of 20 minutes, I learned she is an author.
Like, she wrote a book.
And sells it.
So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book.
But life happened and even though I remained in touch via Facebook, blog, and Twitter, I still didn’t scoop up a copy of this book.
I even saw her in March at a girl’s night out and STILL didn’t think to ask to buy a book.
Or think to go on my computer and press the little button that says AMAZON and buy the damn thing.


Fast forward to May of this year.
Marianne, who not only authored a book but was also starring in Chicago’s production of Listen To Your Mother.
So through Facebook banter, there began a discussion about pictures being taken of people reading Marianne’s book in unusual places.
And I decided it would be hilarious if they snapped me reading her book while she was doing her reading on stage.
Brilliant really.
Umm, there was only one problem.
I didn’t own the book.
And I didn’t have Amazon Prime so I couldn’t get the book here fast enough before LTYM.
Because I am cheap.
75 bucks is a lot of money for me to shell out for free shipping over the course of a year.
Yet, I STILL buy chapstick in bulk just to put me over the edge so I get free shipping on each order.
I am pretty sure I spend 75 in two months just to get me to qualify for free shipping on each order.
This is one of many reasons I will eat ramen every single day when I am 80.

That is until my adorable and dainty…don’t forget dainty….friend Marianne sent me a copy last week.
She even autographed it!
She wrote, “You are the cheapest person I know. Buy the next book, please.
So my kids don’t have to eat Beefaroni every night”.

Just kidding.
But I totally want her to write that in her next book to me.


When it arrived, I read it that night.
And finished it in three days/nights.
I laughed out loud so hard and so much, my family didn’t know who I was.
Because I am not normally that happy.
During daylight hours.

I stole away several times in that 72-hour period to read this book.
I even have photographic evidence.
Oh yes.
I had someone take pictures.

In the closet with a flashlight……



On the potty…..

Lounging in my backyard.
You know.
Like I do every day of my life……


Then I realized, I don’t look like I am enjoying the book very much.


Much better.

I laughed during every single chapter.
And that is saying a lot for me.
Backstory, I don’t normally laugh out loud at things others laugh at.
It takes quite a bit for me to actually form laughter.
I am kind of a laugh snob.
When I write LOL or LMAO, chances are, I am not really laughing out loud or laughing my ass off.
This also goes for when I read a book.
There are very few pieces of literature that have made me laugh out loud over the years.
Janet Evanovich’s early Stephanie Plum novels come to mind.
EARLY novels.
Think books 1-8.
The movie based on book one suuuuucked by the way.
And Katherine Heigl as Stephanie??


But this book, oh my baby in a buggy, this book.
It made me roar from start to finish.

A few things:

The park scene where she was yelling at Joey (give my favorite a hug) about peeing in the grass?
Holy crap.
I will just say it.
I peed my pants.
A little.

OKAY, a lot.
I peed a lot.

Joe’s quest for the perfect potato chip is not lost on me.
Those folded over Lay’s chips are my crack.
And I have a chip company that I want to talk to you about the next time I see you, by the way.
The best chip you will ever eat.
My Ohio contingent is nodding their heads now.
Order the plain and the salt and vinegar.
Joe will never eat a Lay’s chip again.

The zoo?

And I am guilty of “discount disease” as well.
These pants I am wearing?
$3.99 at Goodwill with the 50% off Sunday discount.

So thank you, dear friend, for making my children see what a happy mommy looks like when the sun is out.
I love this book so much.
Go out and buy it.
What are you waiting for?
Don’t you want to be happy??

You can buy Marianne’s book here.
I have a friend with a book on Amazon.
I can’t say it enough.

 I have two other friends who have authored books as well!
Look at me, the bottom feeder mingling with the up and comers!

And my dear friend and blog big sis has authored a cool book about traveling Chicagoland with teens and tweens.
She is the person who knows where the best burger is, the best everything is.
So take it from me, you need this book.
Even if you don’t live in Chicago.
Because you know you want to come to visit.

You can buy Melisa’s book here.
You can also go here to check out the book and Melisa.


13 thoughts on “I “Know” People”

  1. That last picture is hysterical and adorable!And thanks for mentioning my book: you're a sweetie! Also, I look forward to pictures of you and your family ENJOYING CHICAGOLAND… :)Go on, it's fun!


  2. Forget sending you a free book. You need an organ? Liver? Kidney? It's YOURS. I'll even spring for the ice cooler & 2-day shipping. Oh my gosh – THANK YOU!!! xoxo Walshie (aka "The Dainty One)


  3. LOVE the closet with the flashlight. I wonder if you happen to have a box of chocolate turtles in there like I do? That is about the only thing that could've made that book any better!


  4. Can I just say I love you? Can I? Yes? no? I don't care. I love you. And I love that you bought pants at Goodwill on sale. You rock, girlfriend.


  5. Hi. This is MOV, Marianne's co-author. I just wanted to say your awesome review made my day. Ok, week. Maybe year. Anyway, knowing that what I write makes people laugh– well, that is what it is all about. :)Unless you skipped all my chapters and just read her stuff. In that case, I retract everything I just said. xxoMOV


  6. ITS MOV!!!!I TOTALLY read all your stuff too!If you want, I can write a blog post from your perspective….;) Thanks for visiting!!


  7. Kari, I would LOVE for you to write a blog post from my perspective! should I be scared? what is my perspective? hmm. Will I get paid? Will it be more than one thousand dollars? because if it is, you can use any perspective you want. 🙂 ok, let me know……….xxoMOV


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