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Baseball or Quesadillas? Durex Campaign

My husband and I are special.
We had two first dates.
Nine years apart.
Our first “first date” was in August 1993.
We went to a White Sox game (GO SOX!!!), back when it was Comiskey Park.
Well, it was the new Comiskey Park.
Back when it wasn’t US Cellular Field.
I remember we ate some pizza, sat right behind home plate, then chatted to the top of the stadium where we saw bullet holes in the seats. I remember making a sarcastic joke about it. I remember him laughing loudly at the joke. I remember him buying me a cute little White Sox player key chain that I kept through two other relationships after him. And I remember being so smitten. With him, the baseball game, the conversation (I had never laughed so much on a date), and with the evening. I still go back to this night in my head often.

But alas, six weeks later we broke up.
Then life happened, and nine years later we were back at this same place.
Not Comiskey but this same relationship place.
For our second “first date”, we went to Chili’s Bar and Grill near my home.
You know, I want my baby back baby back baby back.
Kind of fitting, really.

This is the real establishment. Look how pretty. Makes me re-think my whole “afraid of chili’s” stance.


I know what you are thinking.
What the hell made him take me to a Sox game the first time around, then to Chili’s?
I had a two-year-old little girl at the time and my time was precious, this restaurant was literally three minutes from my home at the time and to be honest, we didn’t know if it would be our first or last date.
And of course, the grilled chicken quesadilla’s were boss.


Photo courtesy of Durex


When Durex had suggested we use their Sparks to help heat things up in our relationship, one of the said Sparks was to “re-create your first date”.
The first thing we thought of was to go to a Sox game, but truthfully, it’s pretty pricey to go to a ball game.
Plus, if we wanted to go alone, we would need to pay for a sitter and you are talking a good buck fifty to recreate our first date.
And we all knew how the FIRST first date ended.

So those close to me know how I feel about Chili’s.
Since our first date, a Chili’s near us had shut down for food contamination.
Just one specific Chili’s not the entire chain.
So please don’t write me hate mail if you work for Chili’s.
It’s a fine establishment.
I just won’t eat in one.
Because of the outbreak.
That happened eight years ago.

So as much as I really want to add some zest to our marriage in the form of recreating our first date, I also didn’t want to have diarrhea for a week.
Priorities, people.

So instead of recreating our ACTUAL second-first date, we did what we do best with spending alone time.
We drink. Heavily.
Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t big drinkers, but every Saturday night after the kids go to bed; we sit on the couch, have a beer/glass of wine or two, and talk.
Or watch 48 Hours Mystery.
It depends on if there is really good that isn’t a repeat.



That doesn’t look like a condom?


Lookie at this cool glass Durex sent in the care package they mailed to us!
It tells you exactly what and where to add each ingredient to make specific drinks!
I am no bartender, so this was perfect for us.
I mean, I don’t even know how to open a bottle of wine.


Side note: see how much goes into a Mai Tai?
I will never again balk at paying ten bucks for an enormous glass.
Three different types of rum??
Orange curacao ORGEAT?
Um, I think that might be illegal in Illinois.


See the martini shaker they sent?
And shot glass and bottle stoppers, rose petals, and that cool cookbook!
I specifically covered up the title of the cookbook.
Because I am secretly in third grade.
And I didn’t want to offend any of my readers.
Again, sorry Mom.


That arrow is for me, by the way.


By drawing this in the sand while the girls were playing, my husband hit me with Spark #5.
Spontaneous acts of love.
Also known as emptying the dishwasher before he goes to work in the morning.

I re-read all the Sparks that Durex suggested we all do to spice things up a bit, and I realized it is just common sense, really.
But it is nice to get a push now and then to bring back the magic.
Or a shove.
Or a smack on the side of the head.
We all need a little help from time to time, and sometimes it is work.
But it can also be lots of fun.

Thank you again to Durex for selecting me to try your fun products and for giving us help to make this seventh year less itchy.

Disclaimer- they sent me products by Durex at no charge.
I was not paid to write the above testimony but wrote how I felt.
I am not a trained monkey who does tricks for animal crackers.
But I love me an animal cracker.

8 thoughts on “Baseball or Quesadillas? Durex Campaign”

  1. Okay, I'm impressed that you stuck with it! 🙂 Even after a date at Chili's! Love that you work to keep the spark there!


  2. It is helpful to get a little shove in the right direction – in pretty much anything that needs to be done! And that glass with all the instructions definitely makes things easier – I have one too. 🙂


  3. I am glad you answered the burning question I had about why you hated Chili's. Also,I think this is a really cool ideaa and campaign and while my readers would love the frugality inspired by your drink mixer glass, Grand Rrapids is so conservative not only would I not be able to show the title of the book, they would freak out over the sponsor. Which is really sad, because I am all for anything that spices things up! Also I am leaving this comment from my phone and that has somehow rendered me somewhat incoherent, sorry.


  4. Love it love it love it!!! Even though you are a Sox fan. But honestly, who can fault me or dislike me for being a Cubbie Fan? It's not like we ever beat anybody. I hope somewhere you found your spark. If not, make another mai tai and light a match. Spark found?? YOU ROCK!


  5. Denise, you are a Cubs fan? That's ok. I won't hold that against you…..kidding. Ok just a little. 😉


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