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Home Tour 2013- How I Decorate on The Cheap Without Looking Like a Floozy

****Warning. This is an extremely long and newsy post. You might want to get a box of Little Debbie’s and a glass of milk. I will wait. ****

By the way, I started this post on February 15th.
In case you were wondering how efficient I am.
Go to any DIY blog and I can guarantee they have a “home tour” tab somewhere on their page.
I have toiled with putting one on my blog but I am on the fence.
I don’t want to look like I am showing off my home.
What I would show is how YOU can create a cool house on a small budget.
Kind of like a tutorial.
So I am leaving it up to you.
Let me know via the blog, Facebook, or Twitter if you think I should add a permanent Home Tour tab at the top of the blog.
In the meantime, here is my home circa 2013.
First, I will show you the pictures then I give you the details on the paint colors, decor, or links on where to find items.
Pretty much everything pretty in my house comes from garage sales, Goodwill or Hobby Lobby on 70% off clearance.
So I can guarantee that you won’t be able to find the exact match.
I like to think of my look like one of a kind crappy chic.
At least that is what my reality TV show title will be.
Click on the links in red to see the stores, items, or blog posts.
There are some great before pictures.
And the usual witty banter.

Okay, smart-ass banter.
Our entryway is not really a true entryway.
It’s got a door.
And a hook to hang stuff.


The door was originally white, but I painted it black last September and I love it so much better.
It looks so much warmer in here and gave me the courage to paint other doors.
Nothing too exciting here; the rug is basic and not at all decor-like.
We got this and the one by the back door at Target last year.
They are rubber-backed and tough but look like a sisal rug and are under 13 bucks each.

The galvanized planter on the floor was free and the plant in it was from Michael’s years ago on clearance.
The cross is from Hobby Lobby on clearance a couple of years ago.
The Is What It Is sign is a gift from my brother- and sister-in-law years ago.
The first room you will see will be the dining room.
When it isn’t the living room.
This room is one giant room, and it is a paininthebutt to decorate.
I have flipped this room so much that friends get confused when they come over.
Didn’t this used to be your dining room?
When it isn’t.
For now, the first room you see is our dining room.


This table, thiiiiis table.
This piece of furniture is my most favorite ever.
We got it at a no longer in business furniture store right before we moved in, almost eight years ago.
I feel like this has been in our family forever.
We will never ever get rid of this piece.
I didn’t want something stuffy or formal because that’s just not who we are.
This is Broyhill, and the collection is called the Attic Heirloom Collection.


The black table on the other wall was a Goodwill find.
It was puke tan, but I spray-painted it black.
We paid less than five bucks for it.
The lamp on it was on clearance at Hobby Lobby two years ago for 20 bucks.
The curtains I made last winter.
Don’t get me started on those.

So look over to your left and here is the new “living room” part of this onebigroom.


They actually made the chest for a bedroom but we use it in our dining room.
This was my first big girl furniture purchase made in 1995.
This is from the Broyhill Fontana collection.
Which no longer exists outside of Craigslist or eBay.

I love this so much and love how functional this has been for us.
This goes to show, you don’t have to use furniture meant for certain rooms in those rooms.
You could use a dresser in a large kitchen as an island if you wanted to.
The lamp is from Goodwill last year, like four bucks.
The ANTIQUES sign was a lucky find.
Found it at our church rummage sale three years ago for 10 bucks.
It was the sign from a real antique store just down the road.


The couch was a floor model clearance item we got last winter.
We do well with leather.
Especially because we don’t do well with fabric couches.
Because we don’t do well with very messy children.

The coffee table was from my previous life (first marriage) and was a gift to me from my mom and dad; this baby is now almost 20 years old. Broyhill Fontana again….. try Craigslist or eBay.

The black cabinet came with the dining room set and I love it because it holds all the girls’ creations they have made over the years in school, classes, etc.
Plus, the top shelf holds the liquor.
So it’s a magical cabinet.

The plant in the corner is a recent addition circa September 2012.
We got “her’ at Home Depot for 10 bucks!
“Her” name is Zoe…named by my five-year-old.
She looks like a Zoe doesn’t she?

The artwork on top of the black cabinet I made back in 2010.
The subway art on the right side of the couch was a gift from my mama.
The art on the left of the couch is from my oldest daughter’s kindergarten art class, and I framed it in a Target frame.
The artwork on the side of the black cabinet is a poster of artwork by Tony Bennett.
We love him, saw him in concert and I got my husband the poster one Christmas.
I slapped it in a poster frame I got 11 years ago.
The SAY GRACE sign above the curtains, I made, inspired by Pinterest.
The basket on the coffee table holding all the five-year-old’s papers, crayons, etc is from Hobby Lobby last summer, 50% off.
The paint color in both rooms is Peanut Butter by Behr.

You okay?
Need a break?
Go ahead.
I will wait.


We painted this kitchen in November and it is the single most favorite room color in my home.
That green is amazing and the blogger who gave me the idea was just featured in HGTV magazine showing her room with this exact color!

The table was my gramma’s, the chairs we found on the side of the road three years ago.
They were black and we painted them off-white
The yellow cabinet is my record cabinet from 8th grade, and I painted it yellow last spring.
The owl lamp is from Target last year.
The mirror on the left side of the wall is from Hobby Lobby back in the ’90s.
The star with flowers was a gift from my mama at a craft show a few years ago.
The curtains are from Lowe’s.
The clock was five bucks on clearance at Target last year.
The homework hanger is from Goodwill a few years ago.
The “our life” sign, I made from an old piece of wood.
The number 4 artwork is another craptastic invention of mine.
The eye vac on the floor is the best invention known to neat freaks everywhere.
If you have dogs, messy kids, or both?
Get this.
The paint colors are Revere Pewter by Ben Moore and Offbeat Green by Sherwin Williams.


We redid our kitchen counters almost five years ago.
The best extensive project we have done besides our floors.
The jars of flour and sugar are from IKEA.
The jar that holds the lemons was a hand-me-down from my mom and dad when they moved.
The lemons are from Dollar Tree.
The eat sign was a birthday gift from my brother- and sister-in-law a few years ago.

On to the family room…..


This is where I do most, if not all of my blogging.
Right at this table.
I renovated the table last spring; it was a wedding gift from my mom and dad for my first wedding.
The chairs came with the table, and the pads are from World Market on clearance.
The fern is from Goodwill and the galvanized tin it’s it is free from a neighbor.
The lamp is from Home Depot eight years ago.
The wire basket holding all our junk is from a flea market.
The picture frames above the table are from Hobby Lobby eight years ago.
The FAMILY sign I also got at Hobby Lobby three years ago on sale 50 % off.
The stars I got at a store in central Illinois called Jeffrey Alan’s years ago.
The curtain panel is from Target, 19.99.
The paint color is Campfire by Glidden or Behr.
I am sad to say; they don’t make this color anymore.

To the other side of the family room…


This is where most of the “living” goes on in this house.
The couch is a clearance item we bought at a local furniture store almost six years ago.
The end tables were from my husband’s bachelor pad, a garage sale find, and I repainted them last summer.
The lamps are going away, hopefully, sooner than later.
They are from Home Depot eight years ago but the wiring in one is jakey and they don’t give off the best light.
If I can find a great clearance lamp sale, I will be getting rid of these in the next six months.
The toy basket is from Target…we had a gift card and got it this year….love this so much!
The mirror above the fireplace I got at Marshall’s seven years ago.
My mom made the book page wreath on the mirror last year.
The little lamp is from Target years ago, clearance for three bucks.
The stars are from Goodwill years ago.
The PRAY sign is from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.
The chalkboard artwork is something I created a few years ago using a Goodwill frame.


See our “entertainment center”?
It was our “baby changing table” when Ellie was a baby.
Then it became her “dresser”.
But it was way too large and when it came time for us to buy a larger TV two years ago, we moved it downstairs to become our “entertainment center”!
Work with what ya got, peeps!!
Oh and did I mention this was free to us?
A neighbor who was moving gave it away!

The shutter I got at a flea market a few years ago and just have it propped up because I don’t know what else to do with it.
I like it there and it really serves no purpose except to hold Christmas cards during the holidays.
(Tip- I use clothespins to hold the cards to the shutters)

The cross I got at Hobby Lobby years ago on clearance, the star I have had for years.
It has been at least 10 different colors.
Spray paint is excellent.
The piece of paper taped to the wall is Ellie’s rendering of our family.
It’s been up there for six months.
I don’t have the heart to take it down.

I see you nodding off…’s okay.
Go take a nap.
I will be here when you wake up!


This is our entry from the garage and it has kind of become our artwork hallway.
The artwork on the right is all done on artist canvas over the years.
That is a great, and inexpensive way to show off your children’s art.
You can get a package of two of these canvases at the craft stores for under five bucks with coupons or on sale.
Get out the tempera paint and let them go to town.
Annie has done this since she was five years old and Ellie since she could hold a paintbrush.
The back door is metal, so we hang Ellie’s preschool projects on there with magnets.
I got this idea from my sister-in-law; it saves me so much room in my kitchen since they come home with so much stuff from school.
That metal artwork on the left side I got at Hobby Lobby years ago on clearance for ten bucks!


See those baskets on the wall?
Shoe organizers.
It keeps the shoes off the floor because that is a narrow hall AND a laundry room in one!
Yay me!
I keep the five-year-old’s shoes in this hallway because her feet are still small enough to fit the shoes on these baskets.
As she grows, I do not know what I am gonna do.
My 13-year-old keeps her shoes/backpack etc. in a cabinet by the front door.
My husband keeps his in the garage by the door entrance.
And mine is in a plastic bin in the front closet.
Why we have all our shoes separate is beyond me, it’s more of a space thing.
We don’t have a “mudroom” so it’s survival of the fittest as it pertains to shoe storage in our home.



The master bedroom.
So this room is above our garage; cold in the winter and like living on the equator in the summer.
No happy medium.
The furniture is from this falloffthebackofatruck furniture store many years ago.
And it is bad.
Like, terrible.
But it was cheap.
So we will live with it for now.
I secretly love those iron beds from IKEA.
The curtains are from Lowe’s and those blinds are going away this summer.
I want to get bamboo shades for in here since there is so much sun; not bad, but add to that when you live on the equator in June and we need a better solution.
We have had the same bedding in here since the day we moved in.
AND we got it at Wal-Mart.
Everyone was shocked because it looks like something from Pottery Barn but no Wal-Mart.
And still going some almost eight years later.
I have a serious problem spending money on bedding.
Sheets and pillowcases, no problem but quilts and comforters?
It’s so pricey and you only sleep in there, so I just don’t see the point.



The lamps are from Target when I was pregnant with my youngest….nesting…..the shades are burlap and got them last year for under five bucks each on clearance at Target as well.
The metal scroll artwork is from ….where else??…. Hobby Lobby 50 % off.
The color on the walls?
I cannot for the life of me remember.
They are a neutral tan Benjamin Moore color.
The artwork on the window wall?
Dollar General.
Five bucks each purchased eight years ago.


My teenager’s room.
NEVER looks this nice.
This is right after we painted it.
In November.
Basically, this room has changed 15 times since I took this picture.
Because she is just like her mother.
Click here for all the details since this is a recent re-do.

My five-year-old’s room never looks this nice either.
She was at school when this picture was taken.
The nightstand was mine from 15 years ago.
The bed was her sister’s as was the bedding; we like to hand-me-down in this family if you haven’t already noticed.
See the dresser?
It looks suspiciously like the one in her sister’s room, doesn’t it?
That’s because it is the one from her sister’s room.
I took this photo in February.
We switched their dressers because a 13-year-old needs a lot more drawer space than a five-year-old.
Workin’. With. What. Ya. Got.


The basement was already finished when we moved in.
But it was just white walls with one focal wall painted baby poop brown.
We lived with it for almost seven years before we finally painted it and made it bright and less poopy.
Those white shelves we got at our church rummage sale for five bucks each.
I love how they look like built-ins.
To see the renovation click here.
Because I know you want to see the baby poop brown.


Don’t be jealous of my large spread of land.
Someday I hope we live on a bigger plot of land.
And face nothing but trees.
Now I can actually see what our neighbor George is eating for dinner.
It’s all good, George has good taste in food.
And never walks around his house nude.
See that picnic table?
I hope to have it painted by the time summer is over.
My kids kill me during the summer, and I mean that in the best way.
I am just so busy that minor projects just have to wait.
I am told I will miss these days, so lack of content on the blog is a small price to pay.
Plus the pool’s nachos are spastastic.
See Zoe?
She got outta the pen for the summer.
Those red Adirondack chairs are plastic and from Home Depot.
Only 18 bucks each.

That is it.
Warts and all.
Or hemorrhoids and all.
Your choice.
And you can see how creative I once was by all the link backs to projects I used to do.

I will take a blog vacation starting this Wednesday through next Wednesday.
That is why this post is so long.
No, it’s not.
I just don’t know when to shut up.
I will try to stay connected, but if you don’t hear from me, I am not stuck under heavy furniture.
Have a great week!


17 thoughts on “Home Tour 2013- How I Decorate on The Cheap Without Looking Like a Floozy”

  1. I think I need another cup of coffee after reading your post! Love your house, always have. It is pretty but more importantly, homey and warm. That to me is what makes a house a home. Thanks for the post! I'm starting to forget what your house looks like!:)


  2. Hi, KariIt looks great. I love the green color too! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. It's hot in Florida, I have a tan since March. LOLTalk soon. Vanessa


  3. The pictures are awesome, but it's way cool in person too! I love how you hang on to things and find new purposes for them!


  4. Rebecca- Thanks friend! I know, I don't see you hardly at all…..:( Vanessa- will be your way on Wednesday!!Jen- Thanks friend! Julie- I love this idea too and it is win win….kids love to do it, keeps them busy and you have décor!


  5. Marianne- IT NEVER LOOKS THIS NICE. I promise. And I am coming to your house this Sunday for dinner. What? No one gave you the message??


  6. You are so. dang. funny. Love that about you!And your home is tour-worthy! I think you SHOULD put a "home tour" feature on your blog–your home tour is inspiring! We wouldn't know about all these cool projects if you didn't show off a little bit. So, here you go: You have permission to brag a little. (I know you were just waiting for my permission, seeing as I'm Queen and all, right?)Thank you so much for joining Grace at Home! 🙂


  7. kari, your house looks so lovely, cozy but like a home. i love all the personal details and touches! welld one, no napping over here!


  8. Richella-Thank you for this.Your home is absolutely beautiful so this is such a compliment to me.


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